Dolphin EasyProducer Released

Accessible Education for All - at the push of a button

22nd Dec, 2005

Dolphin is pleased to announce the release of Dolphin EasyProducer, the latest computer software to help people affected by print impairments and dyslexia.

With a variety of needs within the classroom it is difficult to find a solution that satisfies everyone’s requirements for educational content and information, at the right time and in a format that satisfies all the pupil’s requirements. Imagine a classroom environment that includes children with sight problems, language problems, print impairments, dyslexia and other learning issues. Is there a single solution that will deliver learning materials simply and easily in a format that satisfies all their requirements? Can teachers, administrators and assistants create their own educational materials from existing formats, which will support the requirements of all pupils?

Dolphin Producer logo

The answer is YES!

Dolphin EasyProducer combines a simple word reading tool and a revolutionary DAISY Digital Talking Book (DTB) creation tool. It allows on-screen information to be converted into audio and read back directly from the computer, as well as quickly converting the on-screen text into a fully synchronised text and audio DTB - the perfect solution for anyone affected by print impairment.

Easy to use

All of the functionality of Dolphin EasyProducer is available from the simple to use toolbar. The toolbar is automatically loaded within Microsoft® Word®, and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. By using the simple Dolphin EasyProducer toolbar, Word® documents can be read back instantly from within Word®, with the text being highlighted in time with the corresponding audio.

Picture of the Dolphin Producer toolbar

Text colours and word highlighting colours can all be customised to suit the individual’s requirements. Navigation controls allow the user to move through the document quickly and easily, by word, sentence or paragraph.

Accessible Digital Talking Books in an instant

View and listen to the information whenever and wherever you want to, by creating a DTB. Using Dolphin EasyProducer, a fully synchronised text and audio DTB can be created by the press of a button, from the toolbar. No longer do teachers have to spend large amounts of time manipulating existing materials to support special requirements, such as large print formats or colour manipulation. By using Dolphin EasyProducer and a TTS (text to speech) speech synthesizer (which comes with Dolphin EasyProducer), all the document text can be converted into a structured DTB. This can then be played back on the computer, using Dolphin’s EasyReader DAISY player, which is supplied as part of Dolphin EasyProducer.

Users also have the ability to copy and save their own DTB onto a CD, so that the book can be played back on any other portable DAISY DTB player or MP3 player. The choice is yours!

There has never been anything like this before, teachers and students alike are now able to create their own totally accessible materials, offering true inclusion and integration in the classroom.

The benefits of Digital Talking Books

A Digital Talking Book combines all of the features of the written text and the audio recordings of the text, in a single structured format. By combining and synchronising the text and audio in this way, you have the option of reading the text and listening to the recordings independently or simultaneously. As the audio is played, the corresponding text is highlighted - providing a totally accessible and multi sensory experience.

People remember:
10% of what they read
20% of what they hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they hear and see

The perfect solution

Dolphin EasyProducer is the ideal solution for converting course materials, revision notes, magazines, periodicals and reports into fully synchronized text and audio DTBs books. Teachers, lecturers and students alike are able to create their own fully interactive DTBs from many different sources, including Microsoft™ Word® documents and PDFs. Using a speech synthesiser text files can be converted into audio at the press of a button and automatically synchronised with the text. Now as the book is read aloud the corresponding words are highlighted.

Steve Palmer , Dolphin CEO, comments; "it is estimated that over 25% of children in schools are affected by a print impairment, which may be due to low vision or blindness, as well dyslexia and dyspraxia. Without effective help, these children will find it difficult, if not impossible, to learn at the same rate as the rest of their class, and they may find they are being left behind through no fault of their own. At Dolphin we aim to offer solutions that will improve educational standards for all children, enhancing their self esteem and providing them with a better chance of future success. Dolphin EasyProducer offers a simple and effective solution for teachers and pupils alike - offering a mechanism for quickly converting the text information into speech. Now everyone in the class can use the same information, at the same time, but in the form that suits them best."