EaseReader Released

Read DAISY talking books on your computer with EaseReader.

1st Jun, 2003

With DAISY books you can read the text, listen to the audio, or do both together - you decide!
There are now over 40,000 DAISY titles available worldwide, produced by organisations like the Royal National Institute for the Blind, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, American Foundation for the Blind (Talking Books), and also by many national libraries and mainstream publishers. You can now listen to many of these books using your computer, with the EaseReader DAISY player from Dolphin Audio Publishing.

EaseReader can be used for:

  • Audio eBooks
  • DAISY Digital Talking Books (DTB's)
  • Educational content in the classroom
  • Entertainment content in the home or on the move
  • Accessible information

Use EaseReader with your DAISY books to read and study, make notes and manage your library.

  • Full navigation control - Explore your book by phrase, chapter or section.
  • Bookmarks - Add as many bookmarks as you like to return to a point of interest time and time again.
  • Margin notes - Add your own text notes or record audio notes for each bookmark.
  • Find - Search for a word or phrase and jump straight to that point in the book.
  • Display settings - Alter the colour, font, layout and highlighting style of the book to suit individual tastes.
  • Playback speed - Increase or decrease the audio playback speed.
  • Self-voiced controls - No need for a screen reader, EaseReader can announce it's own installation and controls.
  • Remote Control - minimise EaseReader's controls and continue to listen while you work.
  • Library index - manage all your DAISY books in one place.
  • Personal settings - EaseReader can save every user's personal notes and bookmarks for each book in your library in the network user profile (where available).

For more information, or to order EaseReader online, visit our product pages.