Arabic language screen reader released

From Nattiq Technologies and Dolphin

23rd Jul, 2003

Dolphin Computer Access Limited and Nattiq Technologies, are pleased to announce the launch of the world's most powerful Arabic screen reader software. Both companies have jointly developed a range of software packages that support Microsoft applications in Arabic, using Dolphin's powerful off-screen model. Nattiq Technologies have helped adapt Dolphin's award winning software packages to provide support for Arabic speaking computer users.

Nattiq Technologies Inc, the speech applications specialists for Arabic speaking computer users, has been appointed as Dolphin's exclusive dealer for all Arabic speaking countries. With Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus software packages now offering new levels of accessibility for the Arabic speaking world, whatever your level of vision.

Lunar offers screen magnification of up to 32 times, for the visually impaired computer user, whilst LunarPlus also offers multilingual speech support. Both offer an extensive range of user preference settings ensuring that users are comfortable using their systems. Hal offers full intelligent screen reading and Braille support for the Arabic user. Not only does Hal read text, but it also recognizes windows dialogs, icons, buttons, menus and controls. The award winning Supernova offers the user screen magnification and full speech along with Braille support, the only software in the world to offer this level of feature. All software packages are simple to install and use and have technical support from Nattiq Technologies. All Dolphin software is fully compatible with all standard Microsoft applications as well as the internet and email, and all come with an on line help facility.

Mr. Zuhair Mah'd, of Nattiq Technologies stated:
"This is wonderful news for the Arabic speaking computer user. In our quest for an Arabic screen reader, we want nothing short of the absolute very best. Together, we will prove that blind people are as good computer users, if not better, than their sighted counterparts. We are now able to offer a complete range of reliable software for the blind and visually impaired user, offering not only magnification but also complete screen reading in Arabic. Dolphin's Hal/Supernova is the world's most advanced screen reader capable of reading Arabic."

Steve Palmer, Managing Director at Dolphin Computer Access Ltd, added:
"Supernova is a truly unique product. Support for right-to-left systems has posed some challenges for us, not least in the reading of arabic text containing western words, and in the support of Braille and magnification tracking for these situations. We have an extremely talented team of developers who have solved these issues, and this will be a huge benefit to Arabic speakers with a visual impairment."

Dolphin's Arabic products will be delivered with the Babel software synthesiser, and will be priced to include the additional synthesiser and dongle. The Arabic products are now available worldwide from Dolphin Computer Access Ltd and Nattiq Technologies Inc.

For further information visit (this link opens in a new window), or contact Dolphin.