Google want to hear from Dolphin customers.

22nd Aug, 2011

Google logoOn Friday 19th August, Internet giant 'Google' announced their new accessibility survey for blind users.

At the annual ACB conference in July, Naomi Black (a member of Google's Accessibility Engineering Team) realised what a difference technology can make to users' experiences of the web.

Naomi says:

"We're committed to making Google's products more accessible, and we believe the best way to understand the accessibility needs of our users is to listen to them."

The result is an online survey to help Google understand computer usage and assistive technology patterns in the blind community. The survey will help them to design products and tools that interact more effectively with screen readers such as SuperNova (and formerly, Hal).

The survey is available online NOW and until mid-September on the ACB's website and by phone.

Dolphin encourage all our customers to take part so that we can work with Google to improve screen reader performance on the Internet.

To take the survey online visit:

If you do not have access to the internet or wish to complete the survey by telephone, please call Ms. Kellie Hartmann at (U.S. code: 001) 347-772-8355. Ms Hartmann will be available between 11am and 9pm eastern time from Monday through Saturday until the survey is concluded.