Guide version 6.0.26 brings US customers support for NLS books.

22nd Aug, 2011

Here at Dolphin HQ we have been busy working on Guide to make even more improvements and fix some of the little things that might have been frustrating you!

A free update for your Dolphin Guide software is now available. Version 6 customers can download this update using Guide's built-in Internet Explorer. Read more about what's new in version 6.0.26 and how you can upgrade today...

Download, unzip & read NLS books

Dolphin Guide introduces new support for US users to download books from the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a division of the Library of Congress. Dolphin Guide can download the digital books available from NLS’s BARD service (Braille & Audio Reading Download) and unzip them, allowing them to be easily transferred to your chosen portable book player.

Screenshot of the NLS option in the file menu.

Read more about Guide's NLS support on the feature page and watch the video introducing Dolphin Guide's support for NLS books.

NOTE: this feature is only available in the US English edition of Dolphin Guide.

What else is in the upgrade?

All Guide verison 6 customers can benefit from the following fixes and improvements. For more details of what's new in this version visit the Dolphin Guide web pages.

  • The MP3 Player now has previous and next buttons so you can move between audio tracks.
  • Guide won't freeze anymore when loading RSS News feeds.
  • If Microsoft Word is on the computer, Guide can now use Microsoft Word’s Dictionary and Thesaurus when spell checking.
  • We've reinstated the Help content for using the web browser.
  • Zooming on websites such as the BBC now works better even at high magnification levels.
  • Adobe's updater won't interfere with using the web anymore.
  • Guide now announces capital letters typed in the web browser.
  • Guide's web browser can now download ZIP files. 

How to update Guide:

From the Main Menu choose option 9 (more menu options) then option 8 (system settings) and then option 8 (check for program updates). The update will start downloading, you can continue to use Guide while it does this. If you check back at the same location periodically it will tell you the percentage complete. Once the upgrade has finished downloading there will now be an option to install it.

We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of this new update. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly product support team if you experience problems upgrading:

Note: This update is only guaranteed to work for version 6.0.18 or newer. If you are using an older version of Guide and would like to discuss your upgrade options, please contact our sales team.