SuperNova v12.08 is released

21st May, 2012

SuperNova box imageA free update is now available for all SuperNova version 12 owners and can be immediately downloaded via the 'Check for updates' option found in SuperNova's Help menu.

Official support for 64-bit Office. At least 50% faster character echo while typing in Word 2010. Improved support for: Outlook HTML email and Calendar, iTunes changes and Zen Desktop v5. Plus hundreds of new words correctly pronounced with Vocalizer Text to Speech. And thanks to SuperNova's Product Improvement Program, a bundle of other scripting and stability fixes are also delivered in v12.08.

What's new in SuperNova version 12.08?

  • Microsoft Word support has been improved to: speed up character echo while typing, deliver more accurate speech output while moving in documents including tables and footnotes, and better handling for the style dialog.
  • Microsoft Outlook Improvements include changes to reading HTML email and working with Calendar appointments.
  • iTunes user interface changes in recent version are now supported.
  • Other general SuperNova stability fixes include: resolved problems with launching and quitting SuperNova, Read from Here reliability and an update for Zen Desktop v5.
  • New Vocalizer Text to Speech Synthesizer exceptions including: Cappuccino, makeover, oxidation, revitalize and hundreds of other words are now pronounced correctly.

Which languages is SuperNova v12.08 available in?

UK English, US English, Arabic, Australian English, Belgian Dutch, Belgian French, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Welsh.

Download your free v12.08 update

To download your free SuperNova version 12.08 update, visit the Help menu in SuperNova's control panel and select 'Check for Updates'. Need some support or advice? Contact Dolphin's product support teams.