Dolphin release EasyConverter v5.06 with a new look

EasyConverter has a new look about it. Dolphin has released the latest update to the alternative format creation tool with a brand new logo.

10th Jul, 2012

Image of EasyConverter logo

As well as a new logo, v5.06 includes a host of fixes to improve the quality of the its alternative format outputs.

Dolphin EasyConverter v5.06 is now available to order and to download from the Dolphin website.

Already an EasyConverter v5 customer? Then get your update today! Download a trial version of EasyConverter from the Dolphin website and it will automatically be converted into a full version.

New in v5.06:

  • Brand new logo: the new simple design in the EasyConverter logo is indicative of how easy the software is to use
  • New Help system: EasyConverter's Help now opens in a familiar HTML Help window
  • Braille fixes: Including new US, UK and Swedish table, as well as the ability to output Spanish and Arabic Braille
  • Other fixes: including improvements to the DAISY and large print modules, PLUS improvements to adding alternative text descriptions to images

Visit the EasyConverter pages of the Dolphin website where you can find a full list of what's new in v5.06, as well as video tutorials to help you get the most out of using the software.