Improved support for dyslexia - Dolphin SaySo v1.02 now available

23rd Jul, 2012

Image of SaySo logoDolphin Computer Access has announced the availability of SaySo v1.02.

A new addition to the Dolphin family of software solutions, SaySo provides an easy to use experience to support people with dyslexia and low literacy with their reading and writing.

Noel Duffy, Managing Director of Dolphin Computer Access explains:

Image of quotation marksDolphin's vision is to deliver independence to people with vision and print impairments. A big part of this vision is enabling people with dyslexia, or anybody who experiences difficulties with reading and writing, to be able to read and write what they want, when they want. SaySo is an easy to use toolbar which does just that."

What is SaySo?

SaySo is a reading and writing toolbar, ideal for people with dyslexia, low literacy, EAL, or anyone looking to gain confidence with their reading and writing.

Using human sounding voices, SaySo reads aloud as you type, so you can confidently write your school or college project, or email your colleagues, or update your online status. With advanced spell checking, AutoCorrect and Soundalike options, you can be confident knowing you've made no mistakes.

Reading is also simpler with SaySo; relax and listen to your friends' emails, your favourite blog or a long report from the boss. SaySo highlights the words as they are spoken, focussing your attention and building your understanding of the text.

Image of Dolphin SaySo toolbar

SaySo Product Manager Simon Kitchen explains a bit about Dolphin's latest release:

Image of quotation markSaySo was designed off the back of a 2010 UK Department for Education pilot project entitled 'Accessible Resources'. Focussing on dyslexic students, Dolphin led this Government commissioned study and saw firsthand the approaches which worked best.

Simon continues:

Image of quotation markSaySo has been designed to be extremely easy to use, so anybody with dyslexia or low literacy can use the product and straight away start to become more confident with their reading and writing."

Find out more about SaySo online at, where you can:

What's new in 1.02?

SaySo v1.02 includes a number of improvements to the performance of the product. In addition, SaySo v1.02 also introduces:

  • an option to Save MS Word docs as DAISY talking books, with full heading navigation
  • a number of changes to allow SaySo to be used across a network
  • a new update to Bookshelf 1.02 with improvements to the RSS news reader
  • a US version language edition, including American Nuance Vocaliser voices and US dictionary definitions

A full list of what's new in v1.02 is available on the Dolphin website.

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