Dolphin leads the way with their latest version 6.03 software

A new release from Dolphin

12th Nov, 2004

Dolphin Computer Access Limited today announced the availability of their latest version 6.03 award winning access software suite.

Following continued development and customer feedback, version 6.03 of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus now comes with many new features and improvements. The latest software release from Dolphin allows blind and visually impaired computer users unprecedented access to more applications than ever as well as continuing to provide robust support for terminal server sessions.

Dolphin's latest software offers new and existing users greater levels of computer access whether at work, at school or at home. Never before has a blind or visually impaired computer user had so much flexibility and control through their access technology.

Users wanted to be able to fill in forms simply and easily. Filling in forms on the internet has never been easier with version 6.03. By using Dolphin's new Forms Mode, you can tab through all of the form fields and enter details within the form easily. No need to continually select the field required, it's done automatically. Compare this with other products, where users have to continually switch between different modes in order to enter information into a form. Not only will Version 6.03 allow users to automatically enter information on a form, but form field labels are now announced as the user tabs through them, labels above the field or to the left of the form field can be repeated with new hotkeys.

Users wanted more web page details announced. You've got it. A new Web page summary announces the number of links, frames and headings at the beginning of a new web page.

Excel users are in for a treat. Formula text can now be spoken or Brailled automatically, according to the users preference. Selected easily via Dolphin's verbosity controls.

Three new lists have been added for Excel. Users can now easily get a list any visible cells which contain formulas, a list of cells with comments attached and a list of cells containing data.

Within Microsoft Word, Supernova will announce embedded objects, page breaks, section breaks and hyphens, as well as the bullet level. Announcement of controls in unprotected documents, as well as faster keyboard responsiveness and improved Document Read performance are now included. More information for users when you need it.

Improved Braille support, including Braille tables for Turkish and Norwegian literary Braille are now included, along with over 200 new features and improvements. Dolphin's version 6.03 has something for everyone.