Dolphin Products Offer Seamless Integration With CCTVs

12th May, 2006

Photo of a laptop connected to LVI Magnilink CCTV.Dolphin is pleased to announce that its latest version 7.01 software is now compatible with a range of CCTVs, including the MLS range form Low Vision International (which includes the award winning ‘Student’ range).

Visually impaired CCTV users now have the ability to use the magnification split screen feature to magnify both the PC and the camera screen at the same time without any need to adjust the settings.  It works straight out of the box. 

With the emphasis being on ease of use, when you start your Dolphin magnification software, it will automatically recognise the presence of the MLS software and immediately adjust itself accordingly. When you change the size or position of the camera window, Supernova, Lunar and LunarPlus will follow and adjust themselves to cover the new part of the screen. Changing the size and position of the camera window is easily done by user friendly functions in the MLS Software.

The latest v7.01 release of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus, also comes with many more enhanced computer access features for blind and visually impaired computer users.  Whether you use speech, magnification or Braille, Dolphin’s next generation 7.01 software has something for you.  Even if you are not familiar with Dolphin’s products and are currently using other access products, Dolphin has made it easier for you to experience the benefits of v7.01.  Dolphin products include the option to use the short cut keys associated with other well known screen readers, so now you can experience Dolphin’s features to the full, using the hotkeys you are familiar with. 

With 20 years experience of developing world leading computer solutions for blind and low vision computer users, Dolphin is confident that the latest version 7.01 will make a positive difference to you. If, however, you are not completely satisfied with any Dolphin product you have purchased, you can return it to Dolphin within 30 days and get a full refund.

Alex Wigmore from Low Vision International comments; “LVI are now pleased to be able to offer our CCTV users the option to integrate this with their Dolphin software. We are pleased to have worked with Dolphin for many years and I know that our customers will really appreciate how easily they can now use their CCTV with their computer screen magnification software.”