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28th May, 2007

Some Smart Hal users may never venture beyond making and receiving telephone calls, and perhaps sending and receiving the odd SMS text message, thinking that's all their Smartphone is good for. That's a shame really, because your Smartphone (that is, a cell phone running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system) is an extremely powerful tool that can do much more than you ever imagined: from listening to spoken word books, to searching for nearby restaurants or post offices in your immediate vicinity, to listening to radio stations broadcast live over the Internet.

A Windows Mobile Smartphone loaded with Smart Hal is a palm-sized powerhouse that can educate, inform, and entertain you at the touch of a button. Over the next few weeks we aim to show you what you can do with Smart Hal aside from making and receiving telephone calls that is.

Screen shot of Orb in actionIn this first of many tutorials, we look at the a piece of free software that enables Smart Hal (or Pocket Hal) users to remotely access and play their entire personal digital media collection on their "always on" computer at home directly from their Smartphone or Pocket PC. This includes music, podcasts, videos, webcams and even television and radio (if you have a TV tuner card installed in your home PC).

Orb, from Orb Networks of Emeryville CA, is a piece of freeware streaming software that turns your broadband-enabled home computer into a virtual jukebox for your Smartphone or Pocket PC.

Once the Orb software is installed on your home PC, your computer acts like your personal broadcasting system, giving you the ability to stream your entire music collection, podcasts, and live and recorded Internet radio directly to your Smart Hal-enabled Smartphone or Pocket Hal-enabled Pocket PC on-demand wherever you are in the world.

So whether you're stuck at work, visiting a friend, or traveling, you can stream your music anywhere, anytime. No more copying MP3s onto your Smartphone using ActiveSync in advance; all of your audio is with you at all times using Orb.

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