Version 11 is here, now even easier to use!

Now available for SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus

13th May, 2009

The all new version 11 of SuperNova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus is launched today in UK and US English with other translations due to follow shortly.  Read on to learn more about the totally new control panel, updated operating system and application support, new Braille features, Scripting advances and not forgetting the Dolphin Pen II.

Greater Productivity through Ease-of-Use

The 3 tabs of the v11 Dolphin Control Panel, click to see more screenshots

Version 11 features a brand new control panel.  For users with some vision the new contemporary icons will instantly convey what each button does.  Plus no matter what size magnification you require, the icons will remain smooth and crisp for total clarity.  For all magnifier, speech and Braille users, the control panel is arranged logically and the order of items more closely reflects the most frequently used features.

Neil Hall, Dolphin's Low Vision Product Manager explains;

"Version 11 is more than just a makeover; it's about ensuring the Dolphin Control Panel is easy to use for both beginners and existing users.  The clearer less technical language will help users better understand and get the most from their Dolphin software. The new Doc Reader and Line View buttons have even helped users discover features that they'd never previously tried."

Extended platform and application support

Version 11 now includes initial support for the 64-bit client editions of Windows Vista and public beta support for the Windows 7 release candidate, in addition to the previously supported 32-bit editions of Windows XP and 32-bit editions of Windows Vista.

Additional entertainment and communication opportunities are also available to version 11 users, with the introduction of Internet Explorer 8, iTunes v8 and Skype v4 support, as well as extending the FireFox3 support.  Much of the improved application support in v11 is thanks to the power and flexibility of Dolphin's scripting engine and builds on the unparalleled Winamp support, previously included in version 10. Learn how to use Winamp with Dolphin software in our Winamp tutorial.

Extensive Braille support improvements

Version 11 also delivers renewed productivity for Braille users, with numerous new Braille features and improvements released to coincide with the bicentenary of Louis Braille. 

Four new Braille verbosity schemes have been added to meet the specific requirements of novice Braille readers through to the needs of more experienced Braillists. More efficient descriptions for windows control types and states make better use of limited numbers of cells on smaller Braille displays. This is complemented by new Options to "show whole Words only" and assign additional functions to routing buttons.

Dolphin Pen II – delivering independence on the move

The Dolphin Pen 2 logoImmediately available as a downloaded 30-day trial, as an unlockable upgrade or as a licensed CD, version 11 is now also exclusively available on the new Dolphin Pen II.  As the 2nd generation of the Dolphin Pen, the Dolphin Pen II implements innovative new USB hardware technology to protect your USB thumb drive against harmful Malware.

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