Pocket Hal released in North America

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2nd Jan, 2006

Dolphin is pleased to announce the release of Pocket Hal in North America, at the ATIA Conference in Orlando. Pocket Hal is a full screen reader developed specifically for standard, off the shelf, PDAs and offers blind and low vision computer users access to the same levels of technology, at the same regular prices, as that enjoyed by their sighted colleagues.

In a world where more and more people enjoy increased mobility, either through work, study or leisure, PDA solutions offer a state of the art pocket communications network when you're on the move. No longer do you need to be a slave to your computer, with an accessible PDA you're in control. Now you have the ability to choose a solution that fits your lifestyle!

Pocket Hal provides users with access to everyday Windows® based desktop data and applications via a Windows Mobile based PDA.

Pocket Hal can be used with most of the popular PDA's found in retail stores, and offers users an effective alternative to the traditional handheld Braille devices. With the flexibility to choose a range of wireless input and output devices you can decide whether to use the Braille or keyboard options.

Steve Palmer, Dolphin CEO, comments; "Dolphin's philosophy is to develop solutions that enable blind and low vision computer users to access the same technology as everyone else. Pocket Hal is one of a new breed of lifestyle products from Dolphin, enabling people to do what they want, when they want and just as importantly anywhere they want."

Pocket Hal now offers unprecedented access to mainstream PDAs and provides new levels of mobility and portability for people who are Blind.

Pocket Hal - The Solution!

  • Offers maximum choice and flexibility of types of hardware support - the choice is yours
  • Is extremely cost effective
  • Is discreet and portable
  • Is compatible with a range of portable input and output devices
  • Is compatible with Bluetooth and serial devices, such as keyboards, Braille note takers, headsets, etc.
  • Has Multi-Lingual support for over 20 different languages using either Dolphin's own Pronouncer speech synthesizer or Text-To-Speech from Acapela Group
  • Gives access to a range of non standard software applications

What can you do with Pocket Hal?

You can:

  • Check and send emails on the move
  • Read SMS text messages
  • Access to Calendar, Contacts and To-Do lists
  • Read, review and edit Word and Excel documents
  • Play MP3 files on the move
  • Synchronize files to your PC