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Converting a file with EasyConverter

(Applies to: EasyConverter)

Chapter 1: A rich text file to MP3 with auto edit disabled

This tutorial will take a rich text file and convert it directly to MP3 without any editing of the intermediate document.

EasyConverter Screenshot

1.   Click on the "Open a document" button (A1).

2.   Locate the file "Tut1.rtf" using the Open dialog.  This is found inside the "Samples" folder in the Dolphin EasyConverter installation folder.

3.   Turn "Auto edit" off (A2).

4.   Click the "MP3" button to set this as your target output format (A3).

5.   Select "Preview" to set this as your media type (A4).

6.   Select "Convert" to start the conversion process (A5).

When the conversion is complete the MP3 will be launched in your preferred media player i.e. the media player in Microsoft Windows that is associated with MP3 files.

Other options available at this point:

  • By clicking on the "Copy existing MP3 output to MP3 unit" button the MP3 files can be stored on a removable MP3 player.
  • By clicking on the "Copy existing MP3 output to folder" button the MP3 files can be stored to an alternate location.
  • By clicking on the "Create CD from existing output" button,  a CD with the MP3 files can be created.  This is not supported under Windows 2000.

 If you want to keep this conversion and its settings, then press the "Save project" button (A6).

Settings available for MP3 conversions include creating a single MP3 file per defined heading in the document, synthesiser selection and speech parameter settings (A7).

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