From 2015, EasyReader Express will no longer be in active development.  EasyReader Express will be withdrawn from sale from January 2016.

For exisiting customers of EasyReader Express with active subscriptions, the service will continue to run until the end of 2016. 

What is EasyReader Express?

Launched in 2010, EasyReader Express was Dolphin's innovative web-based subscription service enabling DAISY talking book providers to share 'instant' DAISY books with their readers.  Providers were able to "add" an Express version of EasyReader to DAISY talking book content. The reader could instantly open the DAISY talking book in a fully accessible reader, no other software or player required.

Nearly 6 years later, EasyReader Express has been a service adopted by dozens of National Talking Book libraries, delivering accessible DAISY content to millions of blind and partially sighted readers. 


EasyReader is still still in active development.  Visit the EasyReader product page to learn more.