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I work for a large organisation can we install Hal, Lunar, LunarPlus and Supernova on the organisations network?

Certainly, Dolphins software multi user licences were specifically designed for use of the products across a networked user system. The network administrator would be required to load the special version of the software directly onto the networked server.

Once it has been installed onto the network server, the Dolphin program will be available to every workstation that is connected to the network. Therefore, whichever computer you log onto the Dolphin software will be available for you to load up.

Please remember that a licence will be required for the total number of people who intend to use the software. So if you are only one of a number of visually impaired users on the same system, the organisation will require a licence for all the users.

Organisations that have implemented multi user licences include Lloyds TSB.

Please contact our sales team or your local dealer to discuss your network software requirements in greater detail.


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