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SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader FAQ

I struggle with black letters on the glary white background, can Dolphin software help me?

Certainly, as a high proportion of Dolphin's staff have differing levels of Visual Impairment, considerations such as this were identified during the developmental stage and solutions were then incorporated into the final package.

Within Lunar, LunarPlus and Supernova you can enable a feature called "Colour Changer", this function enables you to customise the colour scheme of the letters and background.

To access this feature simply click the Colour Changer tick box in the visual area of the control panel of your Dolphin software. As a default the colour scheme will be "inverted", so the white background with black text is replaced with a black background and white text. You can then customise the colouring to your particular needs or choose from over twenty pre-saved colour options.


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