The reading and writing toolbar for dyslexia

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How can SaySo help me with writing?

Image of SaySo check buttonSaySo can help with writing in a number of ways.

Firstly, SaySo reads back every letter or word that is typed, so you can hear if you've used the right word or made a mistake.

Secondly, if you have made a mistake, SaySo includes advanced spell checking options to help you select the correct word. SaySo offers regular 'spelt like' and phonetic 'sounds like' suggestions for the word you typed, and provides simple definitions of each word so you can be confident you have selected the correct word.

In addition, you can use saySo to compile your own list of AutoCorrect words. When spell checking, select 'change and add AutoCorrect' and every time you misspell the same word again, SaySo will automatically correct your word for you.


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