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SuperNova Magnification

MagnificationCrystal clear magnification enlarges documents and apps on screen up to 60-times. 8 magnifier views keep magnified and unmagnified content in perspective. Automatic tracking, hundreds of resizable mouse pointers and the dedicated Doc Reader make reading comfortable for business or pleasure.

Magnifies text images and controls from 1.2 all the way up to 60-times. And because everyone's eyesight is different, magnification comes in 28 sizes so you can find a perfect fit. Zoom in and out as much as you need with a touch of a key, spin of the mouse wheel or by clicking buttons on screen.

SuperNova's True Fonts

SuperNova's True Font technology looks beautifully smooth even on the largest displays. True Fonts effortlessly magnify: Direct 2D applications such as Internet Explorer, non-standard aspect ratios and vertical or diagonal text.

8 magnifier views keep documents and apps in perspective. You can show magnification full screen, split screen and fixed window or as a movable magnifying glass. The rest of the screen shows the original unmagnified application to keep context clear. The magnifier view can be resized and repositioned so you can quickly and easily control where on screen the magnifier appears.

Automatic tracking magnifies the action so you can see what you are doing at all times. As you move your mouse pointer, type in text, or tab between links - magnifier follows seamlessly so you can always see where you are working.

Control the magnifier with simple keystrokes. Jump to: edges, corners or the centre of the original screen. You can save and restore your magnified position, or reserve a special hooked area to keep a close eye on the clock, document word count or spread sheet formula bar. And you can hide hooked areas with a hotkey so they only appear when you want them.

Smooth panning for even the least steady hands. Simple keystrokes gently slide the magnifier: up, down, left or right. Press repeatedly to increase speed. When you want to stop simply release the keys.

Choice of mouse pointers.

Mouse pointers which are easy to see but keep out your way. Choose from 4 popular mouse pointer colour schemes or create your own scheme to make the mouse pointer easy to see. You can set the pointer size independent of your magnification level so your text is never hidden by the mouse. With over 200 pointer images included, your mouse pointer has never been so flexible.

Margin release shows how close the magnifier is to the edge of the real screen ideal for people with restricted peripheral vision. You can keep your mouse pointer in the central area of your monitor by adding Extra space around the original screen. The strong change in contrast clearly shows when the mouse pointer is approaching the edge.

Line view smoothly scrolls documents and web pages across a single line so you can sit back and enjoy reading without the distraction of screen clutter. With Line View, you can set the font, colours and scrolling speed to suit your sight. Press SPACE to pause and resume scrolling, and use the ARROW keys to fast forward or rewind.

Doc Reader reflows your documents and web pages in a dedicated window made for reading. With the click of a button, SuperNova uses your choice of: font, colours and line length. Ideal for simplifying the appearance of busy documents. Press play and Doc Reader will speak aloud your text highlighting each sentence as it goes.

This feature is present in SuperNova: Access Suite, Magnifier and Reader Magnifier SuperNova Lunar LunarPlus

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