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Doc Reader

The Doc Reader lets you create your own bespoke reading environment, where the text, background and highlight settings are optimized to meet your personal preferences.

The Doc Reader window displays your documents and web pages, wrapping the text to fit into the natural width of the screen. By pressing Play, the Doc Reader will read the content aloud, highlighting each sentence as it is read. The highlighted reading is smooth and easy to follow, including a wide range of visual and audio settings to suit you.

Many users also find the Doc Reader ideal for situations where the original text fonts, colour and general appearance of text do not suit their reading style or sight.

Please note that the audio settings are not included in SuperNova Magnifier.

A screenshot of the Doc Reader

This feature is present in SuperNova: Access Suite, Screen Reader, Magnifier and Reader Magnifier. SuperNova Hal Lunar LunarPlus