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Literary Braille input

As well as providing high quality Braille output, SuperNova is unique in offering literary Braille input.

If your Braille display includes input keys, there is no need to reach for your Qwerty keyboard. With SuperNova you can write in contracted or uncontracted Braille using your Braille input keys, and the translated text will appear directly in your application. With Dolphin's Braille input, there is no need to carry out any additional steps to back translate from Braille to text.

More than 15 different Literary Braille Input languages are available including Dutch, French Grade 1, French Grade 2, German Grade 1.5 (Vollschrift), German Grade 2 (Kurzschrift), Greek, Norwegian Grade 1, Norwegian Grade 2, Spanish Grade 1, Swedish Grade 1, Swedish Grade 2, UK, Unified English Braille, USA and Welsh.

This feature is present in SuperNova: Access Suite and Screen Reader. SuperNova Hal