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Braille Verbosity Items - New in Version 11

For the version 11 release of Dolphin Access Tools, we have re-worded some of the Braille verbosity items to make them more compact and so use less space on your Braille display. The list below shows the old and new labels:

Balloon = bln
Button = btn
Button bar = btnbar
Cell = cel
Check box (checked) = Filled box
Check box (partial checked) = Partly filled box
Check box (unchecked) = Empty box
Column = col
Console = con
Custom control = ctl
Dialog = dlg
Graphic = bmp
Group box = grp
Heading = hdg
Hypertext = htxt
Item = itm
Item (bulleted) = blt
Link = lnk
Link (visited) = v lnk
List box = lbx
List view = lv
Menu = mnu
Menu bar = mnubar
Object = obj
Property sheet = prsh
Radio button (checked) = Filled circle
Radio button (unchecked) = Partial circle
Scroll bar = scrl
Spin control = spn
Status bar = stat
Tab control = tabctl
Tab sheet = tabsh
Table = tbl
Title bar = titl
Toolbar = tlbar
Track bar = trkbar
Tree view = tree
Tree view check control = tree chkbx
Tree view radio = tree radio
Tree view radio control = tree radio
Window = win