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Getting Help in v11.50


You can get help from Dolphin from within your application simply by pressing CAPS LOCK + F1. This hotkey pops up a menu providing quick and easy access to the various help resources available. You can use the mouse or arrow keys to select an item and LEFT CLICK or ENTER to open it.

You can easily switch between the help topic and your application with ALT + TAB. The help topic can be closed with ALT + F4.

The CAPS LOCK + F1 Help menu in version 11.50 contains the following items:

Task-based Application Specific Help

Version 11.50 includes clear task-based help content describing how to complete common activities in popular applications while using your Dolphin screen reader or screen magnifier. Applications include:

These are new features found in Dolphin's v11.50 Access Tools, read what's new in v11.50 to find out about other features of these products.