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SuperNova Multiple Monitors

Get more done with multiple monitors. Magnify on one, two or as many displays as required. Multi-task with each magnified document on separate screens; project presentations original size to sighted audiences keeping speaker notes magnified on your laptop; work closely with a trainer or colleague who can follow a clone of your display.

3 monitors all magnified with Excel on the first, Word on the second and IE on the third

Side by Side works with the Windows Extended Desktop to show each application magnified on separate screens, so you never run out of desktop space. Designed for magnification users who need to keep track of simultaneous tasks. Keep an eye on incoming messages on one monitor, prepare your documents on a second, and have a web browser or spread sheet opened on a third. The number of monitors and which applications go where is entirely up to you. Each application is tracked separately so you don't lose your place.

Mouse Buffer means you don't lose your pointer when using applications Side by Side. SuperNova's unique mouse buffer means the pointer only moves on to a different screen when you insist. Switch monitors with a hotkey, or set your own resistance level to determine how hard you have to push the pointer against the edge to move it to the next screen.Magnified slide notes on a laptop that is also projecting unmagnified slides via  a beamer to a white screen.


Presentation Mode is made for Microsoft PowerPoint. You can have your speaker notes magnified on your laptop while your sighted audience sees your slides original size via a projector or large screen just as you intended.

Cloning options are available for a variety of teaching, training or collaboration scenarios.

2 monitors each displaying identical magnified screens of Outlook

Clone with Standard view shows an unmagnified copy of any application on a second screen so trainers who are partially sighted can work seamlessly with clients who are fully sighted. Clone magnifies the same content on multiple screens so several colleagues who are partially sighted can collaborate on the same application.

Two monitors, the first with Word unmagnified and the second with Word magnified.

And Span is for when you want to simulate having one huge screen stretching your application across several monitors.

3 monitors with magnified text in Word spread across all three screens.

These features are present in SuperNova: Access Suite, Magnifier and Reader Magnifier. SuperNova Lunar LunarPlus