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SuperNova version 12 - rebranded

Photo of the new packaging for SuperNova version 12The Dolphin range of screen readers and magnifiers have been rebranded into a 'family' of SuperNova software tools. There are now four product 'editions' in the SuperNova family whose names are designed to be more descriptive and easier to understand:

The rebrand includes brand new logos and packaging.

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SuperNova Access Suite logo

SuperNova Access Suite features synchronised screen magnification and screen reading. Access Suite is ideal for people needing a range of access methods in a single piece of software. Suitable for those transitioning between magnification and speech or for users with fluctuating eye conditions; in one product Supernova Access Suite meets the needs of organisations supporting a range of visual requirements. SuperNova Access Suite seamlessly blends all the features found in SuperNova Screen Reader and SuperNova Magnifier in a single solution. Scripters can include magnification, speech and Braille functions in a single script. All of this backed up with Dolphin’s extensive product documentation, friendly Product Support team and accredited training.

SuperNova Screen Reader logo

SuperNova Screen Reader delivers powerful multi-lingual speech and Braille features used by people who are blind for accessing popular Windows applications. SuperNova Screen Reader automatically announces text and controls, and includes the Dolphin Cursor for reviewing content. Supernova Screen Reader speaks using a choice of high quality text to speech synthesis, and is compatible with a wide range of refreshable Braille hardware. Contracted and uncontracted Braille codes are supported for both Braille output and input. The SuperNova Screen Reader is highly configurable speaking and/or Brailles as much or as little as desired.

SuperNova Magnifier logo

SuperNova Magnifier enlarges and highlights text on screen in order that people with limited eyesight can continue using Windows applications. Flexible colour schemes, resizable mouse pointers, hooked areas, True Font technology and multiple monitor support mean SuperNova Magnifier makes even the most difficult to see content highly visible.

SuperNova Reader Magnifier logo

SuperNova Reader Magnifier includes all the features of SuperNova Magnifier. In addition, SuperNova Reader Magnifier speaks text under the mouse pointer, and reads documents using high quality text to speech synthesis. SuperNova Reader Magnifier highlights text on screen as it is being spoken, and is ideal for people with low vision who do not require all the verbosity, Braille and screen review features found in Supernova Screen Reader or the SuperNova Access Suite.

Compare features in the SuperNova editions.

The following table compares basic features included in each edition of SuperNova, for more details read the full feature comparison.

 SuperNova Magnifier SuperNova Reader MagnifierSuperNova Screen ReaderSuperNova Access Suite
Ideal forMild sight loss or low visionFluctuating sight or low visionBlindnessOrganisations, multi-user environments or deteriorating sight
Magnification (fractional to 60x) Yes Yes  Yes
Crystal clear 'True Font' magnification Yes Yes  Yes
Can use multiple monitors Yes Yes  Yes
Colour, highlight & contrast settings Yes Yes  Yes
Speech for mouse users  Yes  Yes
Human sounding voices  Yes Yes Yes
Reads whole docs and web pages  Yes Yes Yes
Reads PDFs and web pages line by line   Yes Yes
Full screen reader   Yes Yes
Braille display support   Yes Yes