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Save and Restore Settings

Saving Settings Automatically or Manually

You can now make changes to your SuperNova magnification, speech and Braille settings confident that settings will be saved automatically and used the next time you run SuperNova.

Sometimes, you may make settings changes which you do not want to keep. With v12.04 you can prevent SuperNova from saving your settings automatically by unchecking General > Startup Preferences>Always Save User Settings.

If you would like SuperNova to ask you whether settings should be saved each time you quit, check the "Ask User" check-box which becomes available when "Always Save User Settings" is unchecked.

Screenshot showing the Save Settings option on the File menu in SuperNova

Screenshot showing the startup preferences window in SuperNova

You can manually save settings any time by choosing "Save Settings" from the File Menu.

Importing and Exporting User Settings

If you need to maintain separate preferences for multiple users, Dolphin recommend ideally installing SuperNova under separate user profiles in Windows. If you are using a single user version, or do not wish to maintain separate Windows User Accounts you can use Import and Export to save multiple sets of SuperNova preferences.

You can choose File > Export > User Settings which will prompt you for a file name where your preferences will be stored. The Dolphin Settings (*.xcp) file will contain general user preferences for SuperNova such as: magnification level, speech speed and Braille table. To restore these preferences at a later time, choose File > Import > User Settings.

Screenshot showing the Import User Settings option in the File menu of SuperNova.

Please note the following known limitation: the Dolphin Settings (*.xcp) file currently does not store Map or Script settings changes, nor will it store Hotkey changes, Graphic labels, My Notes or System Language.

This feature is present in SuperNova: Access Suite, Screen Reader, Magnifier and Reader Magnifier. SuperNova Hal Lunar LunarPlus