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Product Activation.

With Dolphin's new Product Activation, your software serial number is now protected for use on the computer hardware of your choice and may not be used by other people on their computers.

Your Dolphin software will run as a 30 day demonstration version until such time as it is activated. Product activation is required in order to obtain a software licence and upon activation your product will automatically become a full unlimited version. You can activate your product at anytime during the first 30 days, by selecting to "Activate now", alternatively you may choose to "Remind me later".

Product activation can be done automatically if Internet access is available or manually if access to the Internet is not available. Internet activation is an automatic procedure. Manual activation requires you to insert an activation code based upon your unique product key.

You will be prompted to activate your Dolphin product with a wizard style dialog box when the product is run. There are several options:

Uninstalling and re-installing SuperNova onto the same computer does not result in Supernova having to be activated again. If you require an additional licence for use on another machine, then please contact your Dolphin dealer.

Hardware Changes.

If you change hardware on your desktop PC, this can be detected. Dolphin can tell the difference between you changing just a bit of hardware (e.g. an upgrade to the graphics card), and changing everything (e.g. upgrading the machine).

If the computer's hardware has been changed you will be advised to reactivate your Dolphin software. However this will not use up one of your activations and the product will continue to run without any time limitations.


If you have to reinstall your software – maybe you have to reinstall windows, you will have to reactivate your software. This will not use up an activation because both the hardware and serial number are the same. The activation server will simply reissue the same activation code.


If you upgrade your software and keep the same serial number, you will not need to re-activate.

Single Device Licences.

The activation server has a default value of 3 allowed product activations for any serial numbers that are not specifically set otherwise.

Site Licences.

If a site licence is purchased, you will be provided with a single boxed copy of the product and a site licence code (on your licence certificate) allowing you to install it a number of times. Dolphin will then alter the number of allowed activations for that specific serial number on the activation server to the number of licences purchased.

For more information read the Product Activation FAQs.