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Reviews from users of SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader:

The increased speed of starting up and shutting down is great and the introduction of the spelling speed feature has proved invaluable in enhancing the experience of PC use as it makes the whole process far more user friendly.
Mike Scanlan - (Liverpool) 15/03/10

Tracy is mastering something new every day and having the computer has made her more confident and just given her a whole new world to explore. She's able to keep in touch with people by email and I think having this link to outside world has made her much less lonely. We have no department stores here on the Isle of Skye, so many of us shop online. On Thursday I visited Tracy in her flat and she was ordering a new dressing gown online from Marks and Spencer, which is something she could never have done without SuperNova. Now Tracy can shop online for her clothes and many other goods, just as the rest of us do. So again, this program has enabled Tracy to do something which was impossible before and something which will make a big difference to her life.
Barbara - (Isle of Skye) 05/05/09

I am now up and running and I like it! I think the Setup Wizard is very good and I definitely think it will help new users to get up and running quickly.
Sue Allard - (Gloucester) 25/11/08

We usually require software which has dual screen reader and magnification to help the majority of our children with visual tasks, on the basis that seeing AND hearing something is better with poor vision. Screen readers also help with literacy skills.
Jane Sutcliffe - (Childrens Services, Norwich, UK) 04/12/07

Supernova? It's superlative! Becoming registered blind eight years ago, I sought information on the best equipment available. My first purchase was a CCTV and, following an impressive demo of Supernova and realising that Dolphin software was way ahead in the field, I bought the whole package from Dolphin, although I opted for LunarPlus to start with, changing to Supernova after a few years. Being a touch-typist helped, but there is absolutely no doubt that without the voice I would not be able to access the internet at all. Being completely new to the internet, I needed the Dolphin Technical Support a great deal at first. The direct line to such excellent, patient and understanding help, whether by phone or e-mail, gave me the confidence to make rapid progress. Anything I want to do, I can and I am constantly amazed at the range of features that Supernova has - I'm sure I'm using only a fraction of them.
Susan Buckingham - (New Milton, Hampshire, UK) 19/11/07

The Gwent Visual Impairment Service has used various Dolphin Computer Packages (Supernova, Hal, Cicero, Cipher) for over ten years. In that time we have found the software to be extremely effective, reliable and user-friendly. The after sales service provided by this Company, particularly their Product Support, is first class. We have always found the staff at Dolphin to be extremely helpful, friendly and prepared to do anything they can to assist. This software has allowed countless children and young people to enjoy using computer technology effectively.
Cheryl Price - (Visual Impairment Service, Gwent ) 19/11/07

Thanks again for your help, I am most impressed! Supernova does what it is intended to do. And you treat your users very kindly and efficiently.
John Jefferys - (UK) 20/08/07

I've been able to communicate via email for many years now thanks to Dolphin SuperNova. I don't know how I would work without it.
H. Maine - (Government worker, Belfast.) 18/07/06

We offer advice to people all around the world, and Dolphin's international presence and support for a wide range of languages is particularly useful to us. Dolphin is also able to offer compatible products for magnification, speech and Braille users on all of the major Microsoft operating systems, making it much easier for employers, schools and universities to provide an accessible IT system which caters for different needs.
Richard Orme - (Head of Technology in Learning and Employment, RNIB) 18/07/06

Lloyds TSB has many workstations and remote installation was one of our key requirements. After careful evaluation, we chose Dolphin. We were able to distribute the Dolphin software to our target workstations from our central site. This allowed us to provide magnification to users on demand, with the added bonus of speech and Braille technology also available. The software is easy to use, and very easy to maintain.
Roger Yates - (IT Support Services, Lloyds TSB. ) 18/07/06

Microsoft is committed to working closely with leading accessibility aid developers like Dolphin Computer Access to improve screen access for people with visual disabilities. Thanks to accessible technology like Dolphin’s Supernova software, there is every opportunity for people who are blind or low vision to harness the full power of the Windows operating system.
Ellen Mosner - (Accessibility Product Manager, Microsoft.) 18/07/06

I have been using dolphin products for quite a while especially when I attended the Queen Alexandra College in Birmingham. Since November 2005, I have now my own PC and Supernova has really opened up the world of internet and independence for me, literally bringing my world to life. It has allowed me to view information, listen to feedback from my emails and has made form filling easy to follow. One thing that impresses me about using Supernova is the virtual focus. I also like the dolphin utility which makes it easy to access links within a website.
M Leech - (UK) 18/07/06

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