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News Articles relating to SuperNova Access Suite:

14/01/2015 SuperNova 14.04 Enhances Access to Email and News
17/07/2014 SuperNova 14.02 faster on latest Windows laptops and tablets
18/12/2013 SuperNova 13.54 update magnifies, speaks and Brailles Internet Explorer 11
25/09/2013 Not upgraded your SuperNova for a while?
18/09/2013 Dedicated Support from Dolphin
04/09/2013 Free SuperNova Update
04/09/2013 Partially sighted? Blind? Low vision? Get hands on with computers ...
24/07/2013 Magnify, Speak and Braille Windows 8 today!
16/07/2013 British Assistive Technology at Sight Village Birmingham
10/07/2013 SuperNova v13.51 released
14/05/2013 SuperNova v13.50 First to Magnify, Speak and Braille Windows 8
14/05/2013 Trade-in Your Screen Magnifier
25/04/2013 Meet Ben in our newest SuperNova video
06/03/2013 Dolphin Delighted to Celebrate World book Day with Clear Vision
31/01/2013 Meet Laura - Getting On with Dolphin SuperNova
08/01/2013 SuperNova v13.03 is released
22/11/2012 Nick's Clear Vision for Braille Backed by Dolphin
20/11/2012 Welsh speaker with a visual impairment?
12/11/2012 New College Partner with Dolphin to Celebrate Student Potential at Family Day
26/10/2012 8 Ways to immediately access Windows 8
21/02/2012 CSUN 2012: Make Information Accessible for Everyone
10/02/2012 Free v12.07 for all SuperNova v12 customers
02/02/2012 Dolphin at Techshare India 2012
23/01/2012 Dolphin at ATIA 2012
11/10/2011 Free update for all SuperNova version 12 customers
22/08/2011 Google want to hear from Dolphin customers.
14/04/2011 Free Scripting Training for Blind Programmers
07/04/2011 New Maps and Scripts for SuperNova v12 users
16/03/2011 Got questions about SuperNova and Internet Explorer 9?
24/01/2011 Cupboard full of old access technology?
06/12/2010 Like, Share and Win
30/11/2010 Calling all SuperNova version 12 customers
30/11/2010 Family Fun at New College Worcester sponsored by Dolphin
23/11/2010 SuperNova v12, Dolphin Guide and EasyConverter wows Minsk
16/11/2010 Supernova Version 12 Release Set to Shake Up the Screen Magnifier Market
01/11/2010 Version 12 is here, meet the new family!
20/10/2010 v11 Dolphin Pen users update for free to v11.56
24/09/2010 Free v11.56 update for all v11 customers
25/08/2010 FREE v11.55 Update for all v11 customers
02/06/2010 Dolphin delivers DAISY to Sight Village Birmingham
06/05/2010 FREE v11.53 Update includes support for Live Mail and Thunderbird
19/03/2010 Missed Dolphin's Dave Williams on Insight Radio - Listen again
17/03/2010 Version 11.51 released, update NOW
18/02/2010 Version 11.50 out now - FREE for ALL version 11 users
04/02/2010 Only 34% of students have received their essential DSA grant
13/11/2009 Finnish and Welsh v11 Access Tools out now
22/10/2009 Dolphin builds on Windows 7 support with free major upgrade
13/10/2009 New Firefox maps for v11 and v10 users
01/10/2009 Join Dolphin at Closing the Gap
07/08/2009 The Sightsavers Dolphin Pen needs your vote for the Champions of Quality Education in Africa Award
08/07/2009 Version 11.03 release, update NOW
16/06/2009 Version 11.02 free update released
13/05/2009 Dolphin unveil the 2nd generation of Dolphin Pen
05/05/2009 Scottish Education roadshows and a free voice this May and June
16/03/2009 Mike tackles new challenges with SuperNova
09/02/2009 v10.02 released and immediately available as a FREE update
02/02/2009 Dolphin Launch the UK School and Home Licence with FREE licences for pupils at home
30/01/2009 Denis Norden on Radio 4 In Touch, talking about using Supernova and his life with MD
14/01/2009 New scripts available to download
06/01/2009 Dolphin at BETT 2009
17/12/2008 A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles - Tour Update from Nepal
10/12/2008 Version 10 now available in Hindi
20/11/2008 David Blunkett and the Sightsavers Dolphin Pen enhances education opportunities in Kenya
14/11/2008 Dolphin Announce their Acquisition of Software Express
12/11/2008 A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles - Tour Update
10/11/2008 Dolphin Launch the Dolphin Scripting Zone
20/10/2008 Join Dave Williams introducing Version 10 Live on TekTalk
20/10/2008 Version 10 is here, Try it today for FREE!
05/09/2008 Dolphin US names Andy Leach as new Sales Executive
04/09/2008 Dolphin discussion forums are now active in 5 countries
28/08/2008 Did you know Dolphin offers training on its software?
28/08/2008 American River College embraces the benefits of SuperNova and the Dolphin SMA
19/08/2008 Updated your map files recently?
13/08/2008 FREE update for Dolphin Pen v9 users of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus
24/07/2008 FREE update for v9 users of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus
24/07/2008 Dolphin and Sight Village, a great combination!
01/07/2008 FREE update for v9 "Network" users of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus
17/06/2008 Unified English Braille, Dolphin are ready but YOU decide!
29/05/2008 FREE update for v9 users of Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus
28/04/2008 Updated your map files recently?
25/03/2008 Crowds flock to Dolphin at CSUN 2008
13/03/2008 Version 9 now available, Try it for FREE!
07/03/2008 Swap your CD licence for a V9 Dolphin Pen
06/03/2008 Version 9 Release Date Announced as 12th March 2008
20/02/2008 Hindi Supernova: Helping to Break the Accessibility Barriers in India
18/02/2008 NFB Access Technology Blog Preferring the Dolphin Pen
25/01/2008 FREE update for v8 Supernova, Hal, Lunar and LunarPlus
15/01/2008 Dolphin draws the crowds at BETT 2008
04/12/2007 Tell Dolphin what you think and Win one of 5 FREE 12-month SMAs
29/11/2007 Sightsavers Dolphin Pen, making a difference in Africa
14/11/2007 The British Computer Society awards Dolphin the BCS Quality Mark Award for Accessibility!
12/11/2007 That's Life, Dolphin to the Rescue
21/10/2007 Have You Updated Your Maps Recently?
15/08/2007 v7 users - Register soon for your FREE upgrade to v8 with Vista support
01/08/2007 Find Supernova in the Gap
03/07/2007 Version 8 for Vista is Released
11/06/2007 Houston, we have a Dolphin Pen!
04/06/2007 Registered for your free Vista Upgrade?
04/06/2007 Book a free Dolphin Surgery Slot at Sight Village
24/05/2007 Exam success for SuperNova students in Northern Ireland
17/05/2007 Have You Updated Your Maps Recently?
11/05/2007 Supernova, Hal - the most Comprehensive Access to Eloquence
04/05/2007 Pen 7.03 updates now available
30/04/2007 Dolphin Tip Of the Week
13/04/2007 Version 7.03 is here
10/04/2007 Supernova awarded BCS Quality Mark
30/03/2007 New Maps for IE7, IE6, Word, Nero and more
21/03/2007 Dolphin hits the road in Sweden
20/03/2007 Dolphin present at CSUN 2007
13/02/2007 Windows Vista - Your FAQs
29/01/2007 Dolphin's VISTA Commitment to their Customers
25/01/2007 Dolphin backs Altformat Story Competition
23/01/2007 Dolphin, Proud to be w3c Compliant
31/10/2006 Internet Explorer 7 is released.
01/07/2006 Enhanced computer access for Visually Impaired people
12/05/2006 Dolphin Products Offer Seamless Integration With CCTVs
01/02/2006 More choice for visually impaired Welsh speaker
01/12/2005 Supernova - complete Magnification, Speech and Braille
01/06/2005 Dolphin supports Nattiq at GITEX
01/04/2005 David Blunkett gets educated by Dolphin Access
09/02/2005 Next Generation version 6.50 software now being shipped
12/11/2004 Dolphin leads the way with their latest version 6.03 software
03/11/2004 New Voice Interaction Product
02/11/2004 Supernova achieves 4 Star rating by PC Magazine
02/08/2004 Version 6.02 Now available
03/06/2004 Voyager Braille display and Supernova combine to make a winning package
02/06/2004 Dolphin software helps Nottingham City Council provide inclusion for all their staff
13/04/2004 Version 6.0 Released
01/11/2003 Dolphin Announces Access to Terminal Services
23/07/2003 Arabic language screen reader released
18/03/2003 Version 5.20 Product Release
01/03/2003 Preview version 5.20 at CSUN 2003