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Knowledgebase Articles relating to SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader:

Braille displays and text-to-speech synthesisers supported by Dolphin products.
Speech only works within the Dolphin Control Panel and is muted in all other application windows.
When running my Dolphin product I get an error message saying “ProductName not registered”.
My Arabic Dolphin Screen reader / magnifier no longer functions outside of its control panel following the installation of an update.
An error -5006:ox80070057 has occurred while running the setup
Information on the Supernova version 12 video interceptor.
Dolphin Launch Pad does not work when I upgrade my Dolphin 11.x Pen to version 12
What is the Remote Support service from the Dolphin Support Team
SuperNova support for Internet Explorer 9
Workaround for Outlook 2010 performance issue with SuperNova v11.5x
Our bespoke application will not speak, Braille or track magnification
SuperNova is not performing as expected in Microsoft Word. Quick Navigation Keys are not working, Heading Styles are not being announced and table cell co-ordinates are not being announced.
Magnification wipes screen away in a specific application in Windows XP
I use magnification only and cannot type into edit boxes on websites such as Google
My Dolphin software is crashing and displaying a crash log, what should I do?
SuperNova announces 0 range vertical scroll bar when composing mail in Outlook Express. How do I stop this?
Where can I find the SuperNova version and product serial number?
Speech announces “Draw OSD” or is not reading onscreen text on an HP (Hewlett Packard) Computer
Error: Unable to Start.. The off-screen model is unable to initialize. Please consult the manual for more information
The magnification moves or jumps to unexpected areas of the screen
There are DOLPHINTEXT tags being inserted into emails being sent from web mail in Internet Explorer.
Text smoothing does not work in Windows Live 2011 applications.
Improving the performance of magnification when using graphics editing software.
Supernova appears to “hang” or “freeze” occasionally during usage.
Windows server configurations tested with Supernova 12
Error: The CDD was not found. It will be installed on reboot. Press Enter to reboot, or Escape to continue running without the interceptor
Limited speech output in Microsoft Word 2010 Starter Edition
It is not possible to change the magnification size at the Windows logon screen using the F7 and F8 keys.
The Automatic Dolphin Cursor and Item Finder fail to work following the installation of Trusteer Rapport software.
Limited speech output in Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit editions.
Text is not spoken when composing an email message in Windows Live Mail 2011 and version 11 Dolphin products.
There is a problem with the product authorisation system. Please check that the time and date on your PC are set correctly. Error Code 40.”
There was a problem with the product authorisation system. Please check that the time and date on your PC are set correctly. Error Code 37.
When attempting to launch Supernova through a Citrix session, the error: “A SuperNova component is not installed correctly. Errors dolvideo 0.Press Enter to correct the problem and reboot or Escape to continue” is displayed.
FIXED: Problems with starting Microsoft Office applications before Supernova.
A blue screen Stop Error (BSOD) is occurring when using Jaws 12 on a Windows 7 64-Bit machine with Supernova 12 installed.
Mouse movement stops occasionally on multiple monitor system with Realtime Soft Ultramon installed.
A Supernova component is not installed correctly. Error dolvideo 0. Press Enter to correct the problem and reboot, or press cancel or escape to continue working.
“DCM Error 3” is displayed when starting Supernova on Windows XP.
The “Read from Here” and “Quick Navigation” keys do not work when reading Word 2010 “Protected View” documents.
Magnification does not track the cursor whilst typing if a Desktop Toolbar is present.
Text in search results and other lists in Spotify is very difficult to read with True Fonts turned on.
Cannot open pop-up calendars and other features on some websites displayed in Internet Explorer.
FIXED: Text in drop down boxes in Internet Explorer does not magnify.
Unable to locate component. Failed to start because XmlLite.dll was not found.
The “Read from Here” feature announces “Reading Finished” and does not read the text in any Microsoft Word document.
A Supernova component is not installed correctly. Error c bar 134, 138
Supernova operating system compatibility matrix
Supernova v12 Network Installation Guide
Troubleshooting Braille Display Detection Problems
A Supernova component is not installed correctly. Error Dolboot 0.
After attaching a second monitor to a computer, the message “The Graphics Driver Interceptor is not installed. It needs to be installed. Press Enter to install and reboot, or Escape to continue without the Interceptor” is displayed when starting Supernova.
Dolphin Pen plays the loading sound, then immediately plays the closing down sound and Supernova does not open.
When attempting to load SuperNova 12, no splash screen appears and SuperNova does not load.
Alternative methods for reading problematic HTML emails in Outlook 2007
Software applications supported by Supernova 12.
A Supernova component is not installed correctly. The error code is 3.
A freeze occurs when attempting to scroll a web page in Internet Explorer 9
When using the “Check for Updates” feature in Supernova, you are informed there are updates available. After updating, the files remain available for download.
A double mouse pointer effect occurs on Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Web page text is not smooth in Windows Internet Explorer 9 when using SuperNova
Yahoo! Webmail inbox does not display correctly when SuperNova is running.
Character dropping when composing messages in Outlook 2007.
Highlight is displaying above or below the current line of text on a web page in Internet Explorer
Some text is not spoken in Dolphin Launchpad dialog boxes.
SuperNova starts up with an error “Invalid Parameter dol_bb”
After inserting a Dolphin Pen into any USB port a message “You need to format the disk in drive x: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?” appears.
LVI_Magnilink_S.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
After installing SuperNova on a Windows XP desktop computer containing an ATI Radeon X800 video card, SuperNova fails to magnify and displays a message stating “The error code is 3”.
Dolphin Pen Interceptor does not display magnifier buttons at the Windows 7 logon screen.
Troubleshoot problems reading PDF files with Supernova and Adobe Reader.
SuperNova's Global and Application Settings
Speech announces “No Focus Detected” when pressing F2 to edit a cell contents in Excel using SuperNova
FIXED: The system freezes upon closing Microsoft Publisher 2010 on a system that has had SuperNova version 11 installed.
When attempting to activate a Dolphin product over the Internet, you receive an “Extended Error” message, and the product fails to activate.
Support for the HumanWare Brailliant B Series Braille Device
Setting up SuperNova to use Ivona (Sapi 5 Synthesiser) voices
KNOWN ISSUE: Incorrect speech announcements when deleting characters in multi line edit fields in Internet Explorer
KNOWN ISSUE: Magnification does not track the focus whilst typing in edit fields in Windows Internet Explorer, and speech does not echo the characters or words that are typed.
KNOWN ISSUE: Mouse pointer changes colour after the computer returns from hibernation or sleep.
KNOWN ISSUE: Unable to access a web based FTP location in Internet Explorer
KNOWN ISSUE: When selecting text in some Internet Explorer edit fields using SHIFT + ARROW KEYS, speech announces “selected” and reads the entire selection on every key press.
KNOWN ISSUE: Negative numbers are announced incorrectly in French versions of SuperNova 13.01.
KNOWN ISSUE: Access Keys work intermittently in Internet Explorer with SuperNova 13.01.
Outlook 2010: SuperNova version 13.0 fails to show the attachments list
Adobe Reader XI Accessibility Settings
Java Access Bridge
Windows 8: How to make the Internet Explorer tile open the Internet Explorer Desktop Version.
Video Card Requirements for running SuperNova on Windows 8.
No speech output or keyboard focus on the Windows 8 Logon screen.
Error: “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Runtime Error! Program C… R6025 – pure virtual function call” error is displayed and Adobe Reader stops working on a Windows 8 Pc with SuperNova 13.50 running.
Video Card Requirements for using SuperNova on Windows 8 with Multiple Monitors.
Dropbox Context Menu Not Appearing when pressing SHIFT+F10
Obtain and Use the Welsh TTS voices from Ivona with Dolphin products
You receive an error message “Magnification Error Code 7” and SuperNova fails to magnify the screen on a Windows 8 PC.
Unexpected behaviour when pressing buttons on a Dolphin Keyboard
Speech announces “blank line” in some edit areas, and announces “1 of 7, 2 of 7” when navigating the menu bar of the SuperNova Control Panel.
Error in installation line 330. Registration error. Access Denied.
SuperNova does not announce taskbar items or text entered into the Run dialog box on a Windows 8 touch screen device such as a tablet.
Error in installation line 91. Cannot copy file sam32.dll. Access is Denied.
Dolphin Onscreen Keyboard and Touch Bar do not fit fully on the screen of a Windows 8 Touch Screen Device
Startup Error 514 is displayed when attempting to launch SuperNova.
Is it possible to install SuperNova or Dolphin ScreenReader using MSI files?
When using a CCTV Video Magnifier on Windows 7, some areas of the magnified image are black or empty.