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Narrator: Hello and welcome to the Dolphin video tutorials.

In this tutorial I am going to be demonstrating the click and read from here function.

To demonstrate this feature I shall be using a Microsoft Word 2007 document.

You can use read from here to continuously read a document.

Reading will continue until the end of the document or until you press a hotkey to stop the reading.

The hot key to start and stop read from here is NUMBER PAD PLUS.

However you can use the read from here feature with the mouse.

To enable the click and read from here feature go to the speech menu in the SuperNova control panel, then read from here, and select 'click and read from here'.

Now when you want to start read from here simply press the middle mouse button at the position you wish reading to start.

To stop, press the middle mouse button again.

Vocaliser:One of the world’s leading tea (dash) producing nations (comma), Sri Lanka (comma) has just become the scene of a new world record (dash) the largest cup of tea (dot)

The tea was later driven around the Sri Lankan capital (comma) Colombo (comma) and handed out to locals in small plastic cups (dot)

Narrator: For more information on SuperNovas’ reading functions, go to the SuperNova help system, that can be accessed with CAPS LOCK and F1.

Thank you

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