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The EasyConverter Step by Step Process

This flow diagram illustrates the steps involved in converting a document into an accessible formats with Dolphin EasyConverter.

The EasyConverter quick conversion icon The EasyConverter new project icon
Step 1: Choose if you want a Quick Conversion or if you would like to create a Project.

EasyConverter projects can be saved, so that the same accessible document can be used to create any number of alternative output formats.


EasyConverter open input file icon EasyConverter scan document icon
Step 2: Choose your input document.

Scan one or more pages of your paper document or alternatively open an electronic file
(EasyConverter can convert Plain text files (.txt), Rich text files (.rtf), Microsoft Word documents (.doc / .docx), EPUB (unprotected), NIMAS content (.xml), DAISY XML (.xml), HTML files (.html / .htm), Portable document format files (.pdf), Image files (.jpg / .jpeg / .bmp / .tiff / .tif) and Kurzweil project files (.kes)


EasyConverter edit document icon
Step 3: Create an accessible document.

To make the document accessible, you can use Microsoft Word to add headings into the document, and alternative text descriptions to any images.


EasyConverter output file icon
Step 4: Choose your output format and destination.

Choose which alternative format you would like the source document to be converted into - Large Print (.doc), DAISY digital talking book (.DTB), MP3 audio (.mp3), Plain text (.txt) or Braille (.brl).
Choose a name for your new alternative format and the location of where you want it to be saved.


Conversion in progress screenshot
Step 5: The Conversion.

EasyConverter converts your document into your chosen alternative format for you.


EasyConverter open output file icon
Step 6: View your finished alternative format document.

The process is now complete and you are ready to distribute your file to the reader(s).

For the answers to many common questions read the EasyConverter FAQs.