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Questions about licensing, unlocking and activation

Unlocking creates a serial number for a demo. You have 30 days to unlock your demo.

Activation registers the software serial number with your chosen hardware. You have a further 30 days to activate your software.
Activation can be performed up to three times for SuperNova.
An activation cannot be removed or restored, which is why you get a “back up”, and why activations are renewed after 6 months.  An activation is not lost if you format your computer.

The end user licence agreement restricts activation of software to devices that you own.


  1. A school has a number of laptops which students use during their time at the school. The laptops are used at home and in the classroom. When the students leave, the laptop is assigned to a new student.
    If the laptops belong to the school, the SuperNova software must be purchased by the school. The student does not have the right to copy SuperNova onto his own home computer. If the school wishes to allow the student to use SuperNova at home on his personal computer, the school should purchase a Dolphin Pen Add-on. This Dolphin Pen may be used on any computer, but belongs to the school.

  2. A student uses SuperNova at home and wishes to use it at school as well.
    The student may only install SuperNova on computers he owns. To use SuperNova on another computer he should purchase a Dolphin Pen. If he already has SuperNova on CD, he can purchase a Dolphin Pen Add-on.

  3. An office worker uses SuperNova in the office but also works from home one day a week.
    If the home office computer belongs to the company (and will be returned if the employee leaves) then this is permitted. If the home computer belongs to the worker, the company should purchase a Dolphin Pen Add-on for use outside the office.

  4. A computer enthusiast has 3 different computers and 2 laptops at home.
    Although a Supernova single user licence only permits 3 activations, the software is licensed per person, not per installation. If the customer owns 5 computers they may request 2 additional activations at no extra charge.

  5. A business person is the only person in her company to use SuperNova, but she needs to use it from 3 different offices in different towns. How many licences does she need?
    Only one user licence is required. This may be installed in 2 different ways: either on the server and included in the remote user profile, or installed on each machine.  She may find it easier to carry a Dolphin Pen instead.

  6. A technical support engineer needs to use SuperNova at different locations when he visits a client.
    Because the computers at each location belong to a different person, he may not activate his software at each location.  He has two choices: he may either install a 30 day demo, or if more than 30 days or repeat visits are required, he should choose a Dolphin Pen.