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UPDATED: Microsoft Save as Daisy XML - Our FAQs

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EasyReader version 3 (and later versions) support the DTBook format that the 'Save as DAISY XML' plug-in creates. Dolphin's customers are asking how Microsoft's Free plug-in will affect them, so please read our simple FAQs to find out more.

What is new "Save as DAISY" option I am hearing about?
The new "Save as DAISY XML"is a plug-in that is available as a free download for Microsoft Office Word XP, 2003, & 2007. It offers Word users the option to save their document as a DAISY XML file, in the same way you are already able to save as text, rich text, HTML and many more.

So the "Save as DAISY" option makes DAISY books?
NO, the "Save as DAISY" option creates a DTBook file or DAISY XML file and is not a DAISY book. The DAISY XML file is only the text portion of a full Daisy Digital Talking Book (DTB). Even a text only DTB would include a SMIL file and NCX file in addition to the DAISY XML. A text and audio DAISY book would include an MP3 file in addition to this.

So what does that mean for me & my Daisy readers?
The "Save as DAISY" option is really only one step in the process and further tools or applications such as EasyConverter are required to make any of the six categories of DAISY types of DTB that we know and love. Learn more about the six types of Daisy book (external link opens in a new window).

So can I play the DAISY XML files that it generates on my hardware or software DAISY player?
Yes, EasyReader version 3 was the first software DAISY player to support the DTBook format that the Word Plug-in generates. Although the DAISY XML file contains no audio, EasyReader reads aloud the text using the Acapela synthesisers that are bundled with EasyReader. This audio is then synchronised with the highlighted text and all of the other EasyReader features and functionality are also available.

So why do I need Dolphin's other DAISY creation tools?
There are loads of very good reasons why someone creating DAISY might still need a DAISY creation tool.

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