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News Articles relating to EasyConverter:

21/01/2015 Alt Format Made Easy at ATIA 2015
03/02/2014 Braille production with Index Embossers even easier with EasyConverter 6.02
18/09/2013 Dedicated Support from Dolphin
16/07/2013 British Assistive Technology at Sight Village Birmingham
17/06/2013 Legally obliged to offer Braille, large print and other alternative formats?
14/06/2013 EasyConverter v6.01 now available
14/01/2013 Making Information Accessible for Arabic Readers
21/02/2012 CSUN 2012: Make Information Accessible for Everyone
22/07/2011 Dolphin Easyconverter v5.05 now available.
14/07/2010 Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) and Dolphin partner at AHEAD 2010
15/06/2010 CLA introduce new Print Disability Licence
02/06/2010 Dolphin delivers DAISY to Sight Village Birmingham
01/02/2010 Dolphin EasyConverter for 1 or $1 per student
30/11/2009 Leading College for vision impaired students adopt EasyReader
01/10/2009 Join Dolphin at Closing the Gap
21/07/2009 Dolphin lead winning consortium for Government altformat pilot
29/05/2009 Discover the EasyConverter How to...guides
05/05/2009 Scottish Education roadshows and a free voice this May and June
14/04/2009 Spotlight on EasyConverter in new RSC videos
24/02/2009 AltCollections: Making curriculum resources accessible to teachers with EasyConverter
06/02/2009 Meeting your disability legislation requirements easy as 1, 2, 3
01/02/2009 EasyConverter v4 - unlocking print, for learning disabled and visually impaired students
14/01/2009 BCS encourage more disabled people to take ECDL using EasyConverter
06/01/2009 Dolphin at BETT 2009
14/11/2008 Dolphin Announce their Acquisition of Software Express
04/09/2008 Dolphin discussion forums are now active in 5 countries
24/07/2008 Dolphin and Sight Village, a great combination!
14/07/2008 Winning entries from the 2008 AltFormat Story Competition available to download as DAISY
17/06/2008 Unified English Braille, Dolphin are ready but YOU decide!
06/06/2008 What connects AltFormats, Moodle, and Blackburn Rovers?
28/05/2008 DAISY users discuss the benefits of the Save as DAISY XML add-in for Word
30/04/2008 EasyConverter the star of the SkoleForum exhibition in Norway
25/03/2008 Crowds flock to Dolphin at CSUN 2008
07/03/2008 EasyConverter version 3 release date announced as 12th March 2008
18/01/2008 RNIB Curriculum Clipboard review of the month - EasyConverter
15/01/2008 Dolphin draws the crowds at BETT 2008
09/12/2007 Daisy, Dolphin Leading, Microsoft Following
03/09/2007 EasyConverter Version 2 - The Journey Continues
21/08/2007 EasyConverter - The Survey Says?
23/07/2007 Dolphin goes AHEAD
04/06/2007 Book a free Dolphin Surgery Slot at Sight Village
29/05/2007 EasyConverter released - creating accessible info just got easier
30/04/2007 EasyConverter excites at the 2007 AltFormat Conferences
30/04/2007 Dolphin Tip Of the Week
30/04/2007 Adventures in AltFormat
21/03/2007 Dolphin hits the road in Sweden
26/01/2007 New Dolphin Products Warmly received at ATIA
23/01/2007 Dolphin, Proud to be w3c Compliant
12/01/2007 Government urged for national library of educational materials in accessible formats
10/01/2007 Products make US Premiere at ATIA
18/12/2006 Dolphin at BETT 2007
06/07/2006 Alt Format Conference report.
01/06/2006 Alt Format Conferences to help with creating Accessible Materials
22/04/2006 Ron Stewart, Champion of Print Impaired Students, Joins Dolphin