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New in version 5.01 (released: 23/12/2009)

EasyConverter v5.01 is the essential tool for computer users needing to create alternative format materials in a simple and effect manner. Renowned for its focus on ease of use, EasyConverter v5.01 incorporates a flexible step-by-step approach, creating alternative format outputs of a reassuringly high quality.

Whether the user wants to create a project with multiple alternative large print, DTB, MP3 audio, Braille and electronic text formats, or a stand-alone quick conversion of a document into a single alternative format, EasyConverter is on hand to guide the user through the process, taking all the stress out of alternative format creation.

EasyConverter v5.01 incorporates all the full functionality of previous versions of EasyConverter. However, the main focus of EasyConverter v5.01 is in its user oriented design; addressing the real issues that face the people who create alternative formats on a daily basis.

EasyConverter v5.01 ensures that the process of creating alternative formats of a reassuringly high quality is as simple, and easy to follow as possible. To achieve this, EasyConverter v5.01 has introduced a number of improvements:

Now even easier to use

Redesigned User Interface

EasyConverter v5.01 incorporates a completely redesigned user interface. This new, easy to use interface places great emphasis on guiding the user through the entire conversion process.

EasyConverter v5.01 User Interface screenshot.

The user interface includes three main areas:

1. Start your Conversion from here

A clear area in the user interface for the user to start their conversion from. The options allow the user to create a new project, create a new quick conversion, or open an existing project to create the new alternative format outputs.

2. Project View

An area where the user can revisit the document they inputted into EasyConverter (the project document), and reconvert it into additional alternative formats.

3. Resulting alternative formats

An area where users can select any of the outputs they have created in their project (whether large print, MP3 DAISY talking book, Braille or electronic text). The options allow the user to view the output in its associated application, copy the output to an additional folder, view the outputs' file location or delete the output if necessary.

The new EasyConverter v5.01 interface also includes:

All new step-by-step wizards

EasyConverter v5.01 incorporates an all new step-by-step wizard approach to ensure that creating alternative formats is as simple and hassle-free as possible.

There are two brand new step-by-step wizards included in EasyConverter v5.01:

"New Project" Wizard:

The New Project Wizard is ideal for users who want to convert a single input document into one or more bespoke alternative formats.

EasyConverter v5.01 New Project screenshot

The New Project Wizard simplifies the process of creating alternative formats, guiding the user through the following stages:

Stage 1: Enter project information

Stage 2: Choose your input document

Stage 3: Choose your editing preferences

Stage 4: Choose your alternative format output

Stage 5: Name your alternative format output

Stage 6: Copy your output to an additional location

Stage 7: Start the conversion

"Quick Conversion" Wizard:

EasyConverter v5.01's "Quick Conversion" Wizard is ideal for users who want to create a single alternative format output from an electronic input document.

EasyConverter v5.01 Quick Conversion screenshot.

The Quick Conversion Wizard includes only 2 Wizard stages, making the process of creating a single alternative format output quicker and easier for the user than ever before. The two stages include:

Stage 1: Choose your input document

Stage 2: Choose your alternative format and destination

New and improved features

New OCR Editor

EasyConverter v5.01 includes an all new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Editor. The new OCR Editor incorporates the latest OCR technology with the addition of Nuance OmniPage 16, making scanning PDF and paper-based documents with EasyConverter more accurate and easier than ever.

The all new OCR Editor incorporates a simple step-by-step process, ensuring that the editor is instinctive to use. The addition of new contemporary icons and the use of easy to understand language also helps to make scanning paper-based and PDF files with EasyConverter an extremely intuitive process.

The all new OCR Editor empowers the user to exert more control over their scanned and PDF input files, including the following options:

Input document to OCR

Add pages

Format document layout

Start OCR

Preview OCR output

Save and Return to EasyConverter

Option to reduce image resolution in documents

EasyConverter v5.01 includes additional input settings, enabling you to specify the "Maximal DPI for images". DPI resolutions to choose from include 72, 96, 120, 150, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600.

This setting is only applied to the input modules NIMAS, DTBook, EPUB and HTML.

Import parts of a NIMAS/DTBook document

When using a NIMAS or DTBook input with EasyConverter v5.01, you can specify which sections of the book you would like to be converted.

When you have selected a NIMAS or DTBook document in the Conversion Wizard, the next page will display the chapter structure of the document. From start, all chapters are selected and this means that you can immediately press "Next" to import the whole document. If you want to select parts of a document, you simply check the top level chapter you are interested in. To make it easier for the user to select a proper range of chapters, EasyConverter includes the number of characters and number of images for each chapter.

Import whole or parts of the book screenshot.

By expanding a chapter, you can get more detailed information for all sub chapters:

Import whole or parts of the book screenshot.

Note: EasyConverter will always import all sub chapters of the top selected chapter. This means that you are not allowed to freely select chapter from several places in the document.

Microsoft Word Editor improvements: "Save & Return" dialog box

EasyConverter v5.01 allows the user to edit their document in Microsoft Word, making those all important editing and formatting changes to ensure that their alternative format outputs are structured correctly. These changes may include adding formal styles and headings to a document, or ensuring the spelling and grammar used in the document is completely accurate.

To help the user in making these changes, EasyConverter v5.01 now includes a new "Save & Return" dialog box, containing handy tips for formatting their document. The dialog box also includes a "Save & Return" button to allow the user to return to EasyConverter with ease once they have finished editing their document.

Screen shot of the Save & Return dialog box.

All new Task-based Help:

Need tips to get the most out of using EasyConverter? If users encounter difficulties in using EasyConverter v5.01, they can browse through the all new task-based help system to find the solution to their problems.

The all new task-based Help system has been completely rewritten to include tutorials relevant to the more popular ways of using the software. These include tutorials include:

Additional Input and Output Support improvements

Input file support

EPUB input support

EasyConverter v5.01 now includes support to convert open (or unprotected) EPUB files into alternative formats, allowing the user to repurpose any unprotected EPUB content into large print, DAISY, MP3, Braille or plain text quickly and easily.

Output Support

Large print font size improvements

EasyConverter v5.01's large print font, font size and line spacing options are now easier to use than ever before. Simply select your preferred font, font size and line spacing options from pull down list boxes. Users can even view a preview of their chosen font options so that you know exactly what their large print output is going to look like.

MP3 audio track name improvements

People who have accessed MP3 audio files before will understand how important the ordering and correct naming of MP3 tracks are to help navigate through to different sections of audio content. To ensure the end user can navigate through their MP3 audio output easily, EasyConverter v5.01 takes the headings listed in the input document and uses them to create track names in audio MP3 output. These tracks are also recognised in the correct order when opened in media players such as iTunes or Windows Media Player.

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