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Hello, and welcome to an introduction to Dolphin EasyConverter.

EasyConverter is your essential toolkit for creating alternative formats. Dolphin understands that we are all unique, and have very unique preferences for accessing reading materials. This is none more so the case than for readers with vision impairments, learning difficulties and dyslexia, to whom reading materials in standard print or PDF formats are often completely inaccessible.

To overcome these limitations, Dolphin Computer Access has developed EasyConverter. EasyConverter is a software solution which empowers you to quickly and easily create alternative Large Print, MP3 audio, DAISY talking books and Braille versions of reading materials.

EasyConverter is easy to learn for users who are new to creating altformats, and is equally suited to experienced professionals looking for a flexible, high quality altformat creation tool. EasyConverter is ideal for schools, colleges, universities, government and commercial organisations.

The EasyConverter User Interface.

The EasyConverter user interface is simple and easy to use. The interface is separated into three simple stages. In the first stage, you can select whether you want to create a 'New Project' or a 'Quick Conversion'. The second stage allows you to make changes to the structure and format of your document before it is converted into an alternative format. In the third and final stage, you can find all your alternative format outputs, and decide what you want to do with them.
We will now go through these three sections in a little bit more detail.

Starting your Conversion

EasyConverter walks you through the process of creating alternative formats, with step-by-step wizards to show you how.

The Quick Conversion wizard is extremely useful when you only want to create a single alternative format from a well structured source document.

On the other hand, the New Project wizard is useful when you want to convert a document into a number of different alternative formats. Using the New Project facility also enables you to edit and format your document before it is converted into an alternative format.

With EasyConverter, you can choose to open either an electronic document, or scan in hard copy materials using your scanner. A full list of compatible electronic document formats is available on the Dolphin website at www.YourDolphin.com/EasyConverter.

The Project View stage

In the Project View stage, you can edit and structure your document ready for conversion.
If you are scanning a hard copy document, or inputting an image-based file such as a PDF or a JPG, you can format your document in EasyConverter's OCR (or Optical Character Recognition) Editor.

EasyConverter also allows you to edit and apply structural changes to your document in Microsoft Word. Structural changes can include adding formal headings, and also add alternative text descriptions to any images to ensure they are accessible to vision impaired readers.

Creating Alternative formats

Once your document is fully marked up, you can create alternative format versions.
EasyConverter provides options for you to create your own customised:

As you select the required alternative format output, all of the available settings for that format are listed, ensuring that your alternative format is tailored to your readers needs.

Once you have created your alternative format output, you can find your project's output listed in the 'Resulting Alternative Formats' section at the bottom of the user interface.

With EasyConverter, all reading materials can be made fully accessible to your readers' preferences. The impact EasyConverter is having in schools, libraries and other organisations means that readers with vision impairments, learning difficulties and dyslexia have the same access to reading materials as everyone else.

For more information about EasyConverter, visit www.YourDolphin.com/EasyConverter, or call a member of Dolphin's friendly sales team today.

Thank you

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