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The Easy Converter Help system. Hello and welcome to the Dolphin EasyConverter video tutorials. In this tutorial we are going to take a look at the help system within Dolphin EasyConverter. Firstly let’s see how we can access EasyConverter help. There are three ways to open the help file. Firstly I can use the help button on the main interface, the help menu at the top of the screen, or the F1 key at any time. The F1 key is a particular useful feature, as it will open the help file at a relevant stage. For example if I navigate to ‘choose your input document stage’ of the conversion wizard and press F1 the help file will open at the relevant point. This also works within the settings dialogue. If I select a setting and then choose ‘Help’ the help file will open at the relevant point. The help file opens within Dolphin EasyReader Express as daisy file. This makes it easier to navigate and access the information that I want.

So how do we navigate the help system? I can use the next phrase and previous phrase buttons. I can also press play and have the information read aloud to me. I can also use the menu structure here on the left hand side to quickly access the information that I want. Finally I can use the search button here at the top of the screen. This allows me to search for a certain word or phrase. So what kind of information can be found within this help file? Everything you need to know about Dolphin EasyConverter can be found within this help file. I can find information on setting up an embosser, information on the various stages of conversion, and even quick start tutorials to help me begin to use the software straight away. Using the Dolphin EasyConverter help system is a great way to find out how to get the most out of using Dolphin EasyConverter.

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