Dolphin Guide

Simple talking computing for people with sight loss

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dolphin Guide

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  1. Is Dolphin Guide a Screen Reader?
  2. What differences are there between Dolphin Guide and Dolphin Guide-HandsFree?
  3. How does Dolphin Guide work with other programs on my computer?
  4. Will Dolphin Guide work with my Internet and Email Provider?


  1. Will Dolphin Guide work on my computer?
  2. Does my computer need any special components?


  1. How do I set up Dolphin Guide to work with Skype?

Try before you Buy

  1. Can I try the software before I buy it?
  2. What happens to the demo when I buy the full version?
  3. What are the limitations of the demo version?

Using the software

  1. Do I need to remember lots of Hot Keys?
  2. Do I need a firewall and anti-virus program with Dolphin Guide?
  3. Trouble browsing websites with Guide