Dolphin Guide

Simple talking computing for people with sight loss

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Dolphin Guide Voices


This table shows the voice synthesisers that come with each language version of Dolphin Guide and, where available, a link to listen to a sample MP3 of that voice (links open in this window, click the back button to return to this page).

Other voices

If you wish to have additional voices to use with Dolphin Guide (for example, a different language) these can be purchased as optional extras.

Dolphin Guide Synthesiser options
Language Voices included
with Dolphin Guide)
Australian English (v9.03) Vocalizer Expressive Karen
Vocalizer Expressive Lee
Austrian German (v9.03) Vocalizer Expressive Anna (German)
Vocalizer Expressive Kate (UK)
Vocalizer Expressive Markus (German)
Belgian Dutch (v9.03) Vocalizer Expressive Aurelie (French)
Vocalizer Expressive Ellen (BE)
Vocalizer Expressive Kate (UK)
Canadian English (v9.03) RealSpeak Felix
Realspeak Jill (US English)
RealSpeak Julie
RealSpeak Tom (US)
Czech (v9.03) RealSpeak Serena (UK)
RealSpeak Zuzana (Czech)
Danish (v9.03) RealSpeak Ida
RealSpeak Nanna
RealSpeak Serena (UK)
Dutch (v9.03) Claire (Dutch)
RealSpeak Serena (UK)
RealSpeak Steffi (German)
French (v9.03) RealSpeak Daniel (UK)
RealSpeak Sebastien (French)
RealSpeak Virginie (French)
German (v9.03) RealSpeak Serena (UK)
RealSpeak Steffi (German)
RealSpeak Yannick (German)
Icelandic (v8.01) RealSpeak Daniel (UK)
RealSpeak Ragga
Realspeak Serena (UK English)
Norwegian (v9.03) RealSpeak Nora
RealSpeak Serena (UK)
Realspeak Stine (Norwegian)
Polish (v9.03) RealSpeak Agata (Polish)
RealSpeak Daniel (UK)
Russian (v9.03) Milena (RU)
RealSpeak Daniel (UK)
RealSpeak Katerina
Spanish (v9.03) RealSpeak Diego
RealSpeak Monica
RealSpeak Nuria (Catalan)
Swedish (v9.03) RealSpeak Alva
RealSpeak Ingrid
RealSpeak Serena (UK)
UK English (v9.03) Daniel (UK English)
Jane (UK English)
RealSpeak Serena (UK)
US English (v9.03) Jill (US English)
RealSpeak Jennifer (US)
Tom (US English)
US English with Latin Spanish (v9.03) Javier (US Spanish)
Jill (US English)
Tom (US English)