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New in version 6.0.17 (released: 20/12/2010)

This update includes a host of bug fixes, improvements and significant code changes bringing you a more robust, reliable Guide.


NEW: Guide's scanning engine now includes support for the new Twain driver that is included with most current scanner models, including the Canon MP200 scanner/printer series. Older scanner models that were supported continue to be supported by the update.

NB: All twain compatible flatbed scanners are now compatible with Guide.

FIXED: Guide customers using Windows 7 may have been experiencing printing problems when using the scan and print feature. This problem is now resolved.

Scan & Read

FIXED: Customers that have added extra SAPI5 voices to Guide may have noticed that the word highlight was not exactly synchronised with the reading voice. This bug should now be fixed.


FIXED: Customer may have been experiencing problems with the cursor erratically jumping around webpages making it difficult to navigate the page. This problem has now been fixed.

IMPROVEMENT: Guide now supports websites that use flash as a button on a webpage. This will enable Guide customers to use the "Add to cart" button on the Amazon website.

FIXED: An intermittent problem has been resolved where users may have noticed the entire webpage colour changed. This was actually created by the entire screen becoming highlighted. This has now been resolved.


FIXED: Some Guide users may have experienced an intermittent problem where the Guide spell check feature in email misses some misspelt words. This has now been fixed.

IMPROVEMENT: Previously Guide users were unable to directly open a PDF received as an email attachment, the workaround being to save the PDF and then open it. Guide has now been improved to allow the PDF attachment to be opened directly from the email.

Internet Radio

FIXED: Some customers with older computer hardware may have been experiencing reliability issues when accessing the internet radio stations. This was caused by the computer timing out and this bug has now been fixed.

Letters and Documents

FIXED: Some Guide users may have experienced an intermittent problem where the Guide spell check feature in Letters and Documents missed some misspelt words. This has now been fixed.

FIXED: When spell checking a document, the spell checker will no longer suggest swear words.

FIXED: When using the Guide thesaurus in a document, swear words will no longer be suggested.

IMPROVEMENT: Guide has been improved to more reliably identify whether a document is a Word .doc, Word .docx or a Guide document. Previously Guide users may have encountered the message "Guide cannot view document"

Remote Access

FIXED: Guide's remote support is now more reliable for customers using 64 bit editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7.

PDF Reader

IMPROVEMENT: The Guide PDF Reader has been improved to now be more robust.

Guide Games

FIXED: Swear words have been removed from the Guide games.


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