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New in version 6.0.26 (released: 14/07/2011)

Download, unzip & read NLS books

Dolphin Guide introduces new support for US users to download books from the National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a division of the Library of Congress. Dolphin Guide can download the digital books available from NLS’s BARD service (Braille & Audio Reading Download) and unzip them, allowing them to be easily transferred to your chosen portable book player.

Screenshot of the NLS option in the file menu.

Read more about Guide's NLS support on the feature page and watch the video introducing Dolphin Guide's support for NLS books.

NOTE: this feature is only available in the US English edition of Dolphin Guide, from version 6.0.26 onwards.


FIXED: UK English version of Guide was missing the Help file for the web browser, this is now included. (Bug #20186)

FIXED: The content of some websites did not zoom correctly using the full web browser. At high magnification levels, on specific websites, the web browser was unable to navigate to an item that was off the top of the screen (eg: the BBC news website).

FIXED: The web browser couldn't download anything if the Adobe updater was active. If detected, the Adobe updater app will close when Guide is active. (Bug #19908)

FIXED:Guide's full web browser was refreshing over and over again when visiting a website with malformed JavaScript.

FIXED: Guide now pronounces capital letters in the web browser;when entering text into website form fieldsa capital letter is prefixed with ‘Capital’ in the speech. (Bug #18259)

FIXED: It was not possible to send web browser settings via the Internet Updater. (Bug #19951)

FIXED: Guide no longer inserts ‘yyyyy’ into the address bar if SecureDoc is installed on the PC. (Bug #19300)

FIXED: Guide’s web browser would not download .ZIP files. (Bugs #15132, 18971, 19215, 19305 & 19409)

MP3 Player

NEW: Previous and next button in the Guide MP3 player, allows you to move between audio tracks.

Remote Support

IMPROVEMENT: Guide now uses a new URL for remote support.

Podcasts, RSS and Radio

IMPROVEMENT: Guide now uses new URLs for the lists of Podcasts, RSS feeds and online Radio Stations – this list is shared with other Dolphin software tools for improved maintenance and reliability.

FIXED: When loading RSS News feeds some sites would cause Guide to pause until the user pressed escape to quit the download. This issue is now fixed.


NOTE: At the request of the local dealer, the Games menu has been removed from the Dutch version of Guide.

FIXED: Speech prompts in the PDF reader were in English for translated versions of Guide.


NEW: Now supports using Microsoft Word’s Dictionary and Thesaurus when spell checking in Guide (Microsoft Word must be installed on the PC to use this feature).

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