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New in version 6.0.29 (released: 01/02/2012)

BBC Listen Again:

FIXED: Due to changes in the BBC Listen Again service, users in the UK were not able to play this content in Guide. This fix enables the Listen Again radio to be played and stopped (skipping forward and backward is not available with this release due to the limitations of the BBC service). (Bug #18523, #18525, #18752)


FIXED: Sometimes, when the cursor was on a link in the web browser (eg: facebook.com chat), pressing escape would not return the cursor to the address bar. (Bug #19290)

FIXED: Sometimes the Guide web browser would crash when trying to download files. (Bug #21304, #19880)

FIXED: Using some commands such as 'quit' would sometimes cause the Guide browser to crash. (Bug #23602, 19689)

FIXED: After exiting from the Guide web browser the menu would reload and take the user back to the main menu. (Bug #19054)

IMPROVED: Some websites with Flash content would cause the Guide browser to crash, especially after Flash version 11 release. (Bug #23598, #19896, #20644, #23323, #23401, #20196)

Letters and Documents:

FIXED: When trying to save a document (if using a SAPI or Infovox voice) Guide would sometimes crash. (Bug #19864, #19936)


FIXED: When adding attachments to emails, Guide would sometimes crash. (Bug #19939)

FIXED: When opening the address book (if using Acapela/Infovox voices), Guide would sometimes crash. (Bug #21443)

FIXED: When trying to explore the 'sent' and 'deleted' email folders in Guide, Guide would sometimes stop responding. (Bug #15193)

NEW: New attached file on sample emails (photo of Worcester Cathedral). (Suggestion #23545)

FIXED: AOL email settings not found in email setup wizard. (Bug #19310)

PDF Reader:

IMPROVED: Issues opening and reading PDF documents. (Bug #19711, #21799)


FIXED: Using Acapela/Infovox voices would sometimes cause Guide to crash. (Bug #20193)

FIXED: When increasing/decreasing the speed of an Acapela voice in Guide there was little change noticeable in the speed. (Bug #20519)

FIXED: If other text to speech software was installed alongside Guide, sometimes this would cause a voice conflict with SAPI voices. (Bug #23290)


FIXED: When increasing the size of the picture in the mag/pic viewer, printing the image does not show the same level of zoom as the screen. (Bug #20691, #18029)

FIXED: Sometimes images would open with contrast set too high by default. (Bug #20913)


FIXED: When trying to play an audio CD, Guide would sometimes say "I have encountered a problem..." (Bug #21444)

FIXED: Sometimes Guide could not detect the CD drive and would report "error on CD drive". (Bug #21231)


FIXED: In the Games menu option "Setup Game screen colours" was not taking affect. (Bug #20553)

Voice memos:

FIXED: When trying to listen to a recorded voice memo (while using an Acapela/Infovox voice), Guide would sometimes crash or give an error. (Bug #21445)


FIXED: When pressing Escape inside the photocopier options Guide would go to the 'Brightness selection menu' rather than returning to the Photocopier menu. (Bug #19202)


FIXED: Unhelpful error message when the calculator is not able to perform a calculation. (Bug #19144)

Skype & Messaging:

FIXED: Issues with Guide's Skype function following software updates supplied by Skype. (Bug #20246, #22461, #20614)

FIXED: Instant messaging was not working correctly within Guide. (Bug #21300)


FIXED: There were errors in the Help content regarding the use of shortcut keys Shift + TAB. (Bug #19168)

FIXED: Inconsistencies in the formatting of text to describe hotkeys in the Help file for the Picture/Handwriting Magnifier. (Bug #19182)

FIXED: Various errors have been fixed in the Typing tutor help content. (Bug #21362)

FIXED: Missing Help content in US Guide v6.018. (Bug #18854)

FIXED: Error in Help content for the web browser. (Bug #19694)

Language Translations:

FIXED: Various instances of English text in other language editions of Guide. (Bug #19424, #22869, #22941, #19850, #20260, #19704, #19700, #19699, #20242, #20628, #20629, #19838)

FIXED: Swedish voice Alva was not working. (Bug #20773)

FIXED: English games removed from Czech edition of Guide. (Bug #19682)

FIXED: Mis-pronunciation in Czech voice prompts. (Bug #19691)

FIXED: Translated dictionary file missing for Belgian, Dutch & French editions of Guide. (Bug #22133)

FIXED: International RSS feeds, podcasts and radio stations not found. (Bug #18000, #20243)


FIXED: It was not possible to create new custom menus after a Guide update. (Bug #23381)

FIXED: Sometimes Guide would take over the Windows desktop even when this option was 'OFF'. (Bug #19965)

FIXED: Guide was sometimes loading before Windows had started up causing it not to work. (Bug #23422)

FIXED: Occasional Runtime errors when updating from the Internet, caused Guide to close down.

FIXED: Updated Dolphin's contact details in the signature of emails sent with a trial version. (Bug #23458)

FIXED: Updated Dolphin's contact details within the Address Book and sample emails. (Bug #23544)

FIXED: Updating from version 6.018 to 6.026 or installing the 6.026 demo would prevent the Guide updater from working. (Bug #23255, #23402, #21466, #18212)

FIXED: Not all text in the installer was being read aloud. (Bug #19851)

FIXED: Typos in menus and help content. (Bug #19167, #19184, #20591, #19181)

NOTE: We are aware of the following issues which will be prioritised in the next Guide update:

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