Dolphin Guide

Simple talking computing for people with sight loss

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Les oversettelsen av video: Karen Maughan is registered blind and uses Dolphin Guide at Borders College

Guide: Press one to send and receive emails. Press two to write letters and other documents. 1 Email menu. Press one to retrieve your new emails. 2. You have one new mail in your emails. Enter . The message is. Hi Guide User. This email demonstrates how Guide can be used to view and magnify images.

Karen: My name’s Karen Maughan. I’m actually registered blind but I have a wee bit of sight left in my left eye. My right eye is totally blind. But since I’ve started coming to college, I think it must be about three years now, I started using JAWs and I did my HNC at college using JAWs which I found it helped, but I was always wanting to use the internet to send emails to my friend in Australia. But I could never work the email in JAWs, it kept rolling round too quickly and it was too tiny and I couldn’t see it. When I came back to college this summer there was a new talking system in called Guide, and Guide sets out emails listed for you. You just press numbers and it brings up the email for you, and then it brings it up in larger fonts so you can see what you’re typing. And then when you come out of that, you go into “send now” and it sends it and you can take your email address from an address book that’s already in Guide as well. It’s a much clearer system and I’ve been so impressed with it that I’ve bought Guide so I can use it at home. I use it at home all the time; I go on the internet and send my emails every single day, so I find it a huge benefit compared to JAWs. And if I can use it, then anybody can use it. It’s quite simple and self-explanatory to use.

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