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Read the transcript of video: Playing an Internet Radio Station with Dolphin Guide

Presenter: Back in the Guide 'Extras' menu let's explore what other entertainment options are available.

Guide on the computer: Press 2 to play an Internet Radio station.

Presenter: 2 to play an Internet Radio station, let's do that.

Guide on the computer: 2, getting a list of available Radio Stations, please wait. There are 18 radio stations.

Presenter: So Guide offers you some stations by default and then, of course, you can add your own stations. And to play it's simply just a case of cursoring down to the station you want and pressing Enter.

Guide on the computer: Best of the 90s, Classical FM, Classical Piano, Enter. Please wait. Radio player, playing.

(Piano music starts playing)

Presenter: And there we have the 'Classical Piano' station playing for us in Guide.

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