Guide HandsFree

The talking computer for people unable to use their hands

Recognising every word you speak, Dolphin Guide HandsFree listens to what you say and responds on screen.

Version 7 - What's new?

What is Dolphin Guide HandsFree?

There are 2 editions of Dolphin Guide - regular Guide and 'HandsFree'. Guide HandsFree is Dolphin's solution for people seeking independence from computers but who are unable to press single buttons on a keyboard, perhaps due to a physical impairment. And it doesn't matter if your vision is deteriorating, as the built-in speech and magnification ensures you'll always be in control. Create an email, dictate your words and send it - all achieved with simple voice commands.

Dolphin has designed a Guide HandsFree package with everything you need, PC, software, accessories and a whole day of training, all in one. In the UK, we only sell Guide HandsFree as part of this package and we'll set everything up for you before we send your computer to you so it will be ready to go when you take it out of the box.

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Latest news: Dedicated Support from Dolphin

Video: Meet Guide HandsFree

  Meet Guide HandsFree

Watch this video on youtube.com (great for mobile devices without Flash support)

Read the transcript of: 'Meet Guide HandsFree' video.



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