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Reviews from users of Guide HandsFree:

Dolphin Guide is an incredibly easy programme to use, giving blind and partially sighted people a greater degree of independence. It enables them to deal with their own correspondence, read documents etc. When I lost my sight suddenly, I never expected to be able to do these things for myself again. Dolphin Guide has made it so easy. The tone of the speech is also good and very clear. The menus are easy to understand and work with. They cover a wide range of functions. Dolphin Guide is a remarkable innovation, which I would not like to be without. It certainly gave me a new outlook on life.
Marjorie - (Scarborough) 12/07/09

It is wonderful to find a product which has been designed with the needs of visually impaired users firmly at the centre. Other screen readers and magnifiers merely sit as a 'bolt on extra' to standard software which is increasingly over-complex and keyboard unfriendly. Dolphin Guide allows novice PC users - particularly the elderly - to achieve far more than would otherwise be possible. Keep up the good work!
Russell - (St Dunstan's) 12/07/09

My wife and I are both registered blind, she with very little sight and I with none. Dolphin Guide is the first computer software I have bought that requires no instruction manual - yes, I didn't need any training at all to get started or use it's features! Each choice you make, i.e. write letter, send email, print document, has a number 1, 2, or 3, which you simply press and it does what you ask. Everything appearing on the screen can be enlarged, spoken out, or both! No need to launch computer programs or worry about Windows! With no knowledge of computers, email or word processing, my wife was able to use all three within minutes, without any help by simply making the choices presented to her. To a blind or partially sighted person, who is denied the use of the printed word, a computer is invaluable. Dolphin Guide makes that computer accessible!!
Colin - (Edinburgh) 08/06/09

The Dolphin Guide software is very good, particularly for computer beginners like me. I am 79 years old, so therefore getting on a bit! I have found the software quick to learn and easy to access. The staff at the end of the telephone have been excellent with their assistance and encouragement. If you are thinking of computing, I would certainly recommend Dolphin Guide.
Cyril - (Nottingham) 08/06/09

Just a note to say thanks to Dolphin Guide! I have just done my first ever shopping on the Internet, and without any sighted help. It felt great!
Donna - (Derbyshire) 08/06/09

Computers can go a long way to meeting the reading, writing and information needs of blind and partially-sighted people, and with the brilliantly simple to use Dolphin Guide software it will be much easier than ever before for them to take advantage of this.
Software Express (now a part of the Dolphin Group of companies) thoroughly deserve their Simply the Best Award.
RNIB - (London, UK) 08/06/09

Hi, At the age of 63 I can safely say Dolphin Guide has revolutionised my life! And thanks for your excellent support over my first year.
Alex - (Leicestershire) 08/06/09

My name is Jan and I am Jim's daughter. I just thought I would contact you personally to thank you for all the help you have given my Dad. He is forever singing your praises and you make him feel that you are ready, willing and able to give him any help he needs despite asking what he may feel is a stupid question. You certainly make him feel that it is no trouble to you. The support and advice my father has recieved has been above and beyond! Thank you.
Jan - (UK) 08/06/09

Iíve had arthritis for more years than I care to remember and combined with my failing sight, the simplest things get harder and harder by the day. But I have always remained determined to keep my independence and Dolphin Guide HandsFree has been crucial in helping me achieve that. I write my own correspondence, email the grand children and listen to my post, all by simply talking to my Dolphin Guide HandsFree computer. Itís even easier than they said it would be, Dolphin Guide HandsFree gets to know your voice, and now weíre the best of friends.
Angus McStewart - (Boston) 09/03/09

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