Guide HandsFree

The talking computer for people unable to use their hands

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News Articles relating to Guide HandsFree:

18/09/2013 Dedicated Support from Dolphin
04/04/2013 Instant Messenger in Guide
19/12/2011 New Contact Information for Guide and Guide HandsFree
25/11/2011 Dolphin Guide and the BBC Listen Again service
29/07/2010 Dolphin Guide version 6 release
17/03/2009 Dolphin Announce Dolphin Guide US Master Distributor at CSUN
20/02/2009 Guide version 5.0 released
01/10/2008 Guide Forum!
10/01/2008 And the winner is...Christmas Newsletter competition results announced!
01/10/2007 Welcome Aboard!
15/06/2007 Guide popular in Bath!
28/05/2007 Successful end of a world-record journey to Australia
09/05/2007 Software Express is happy to participate in the sixth annual Silver Surfer's Day Campaign
17/04/2007 HALF WAY THROUGH... Highlights on Miles Hilton-Barber's microlight flight to Australia
06/04/2007 Miles dream-come-true adventure with Guide