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What's New in this version of Guide HandsFree?

New in version 7 (released: 18/09/2013)

The upgrade to Guide HandsFree v7.05 includes all the improvements and new functionality added to Guide since the previous HandsFree release (v6.031). This includes a brand new user interface and improved stability on the internet, along with a host of minor bug fixes.

A brand new look and feel:

We've given Guide HandsFree a new face; there's a smart new look and feel to the interface with brightly coloured icons on the main menus and new start-up and shut down sounds - created in house by our talented team. By default, Guide HandsFree will startup with its classic look and feel, but users can choose to switch to the new Guide theme if they wish.

Web Browser:


Guide HandsFree's web browser is now more stable and consistent. In practice, this means:

File downloads

Guide HandsFree v7 includes Guide's new updated method for downloading files from websites. This means:

National Library Service (NLS)

Guide HandsFree v6.031 offered US customers support for downloading, unzipping and reading eBooks from the US National Library Service. Guide HandsFree v7 now includes further improvements to this popular feature:

In addition, as part of the improvements to accessing the NLS library, NLS customers can now log into NLS library using Guide HandsFree's simple menu options:

  1. Select option '3 - Access a website' from Guide HandsFree's main menu
  2. Select option '2 - NLS'
  3. Follow Guide's instructions for providing your NLS username and password
  4. Browse the NLS library website for a book to download and read

Plus, Guide HandsFree v7 conveniently remembers your NLS username and password.

Please note: The NLS feature is only available in the US versions of Dolphin Guide HandsFree.

Other web browser fixes:

Other web browser related fixes included in Guide HandsFree v7 are:


Essential fixes have been applied to the way Guide speaks to ensure that the voices are stable and reliable. These fixes are especially apparent to customers outside of the UK previously experiencing voice crashes.

Other voice fixes included in Guide HandsFree v7 are:


Improvements made to Guide's email module, now available in Guide HandsFree are:

New Activation System:

Guide HandsFree v7 now includes the Dolphin activation system.

General improvements:

Please note: Guide HandsFree has revised systems requirements which are published on the Dolphin website. Notably Dragon v11.50 or v12 are required to support Guide HandsFree v7.



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