Guide HandsFree

The talking computer for people unable to use their hands

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Guide HandsFree

Guide HandsFree PC package (with 1 user licence):
Guide HandsFree is only available as part of a PC package - why?

£2300 (or£2760.00 inc. VAT)

Guide HandsFree without a PC (1 user licence and 1 days training):
Subject to approval of your PC - why?

£1225 (or£1470.00 inc. VAT)

Extra licences

extra user licence:

£435 (£522.00 inc. VAT)


Upgrade (from older versions):

£145 (£174.00 inc. VAT)

extra user licence upgrade:

£145 (£174.00 inc. VAT)


PCs, Hardware and Accessories:

PC packages with Dolphin Guide HandsFree.