EasyReader Express

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Compare EasyReader and EasyReader Express

EasyReader Feature Comparison
FeatureEasyReaderEasyReader Express
Opening a book
Bookshelf Yes No
File Open Yes No
Playback Features
Easy to use toolbar playback buttons Yes Yes
Book Voice options Yes No
Volume control Yes Yes
Voice speed control Yes Yes
Highlighting options Yes Yes
Text and background style options Yes No
Reading Features
Bookmarks Yes No
Search Yes No
Find Yes Yes
Heading navigation Yes Yes
Advanced Heading Level Navigation Hotkeys Yes No
Navigation Points navigation Yes No
Bookmark navigation Yes No
Search points navigation Yes No
Page number navigation Yes Yes
Zoom in & Zoom out Yes Yes
Menubar structure Yes No
Speak to me Yes No
Screen Reader compatible Yes Yes
Key Describer Mode Yes No
Additional Support
Setup Wizard Yes No
MathML support Yes No
SVG image support Yes No
Hyperlink support Yes Yes
Skippable content support Yes No
Windows colour settings support Yes No
EasyReader Help Yes No
No installation required No Yes